Mobile Ion Exchange Resin Transfer MPW’s industry leading mobile ion exchange resin transfer system offers transport for various media types

MPW’s Mobile Ion Exchange Resin Transfer (MIERT) trailer is capable of transporting both regenerated and exhausted resin with volume capacity of 1,500 cubic feet. There are four compartments each equipped to receive air or water pressure (or both) to sluice and move the resin. A custom underdrain allows dewatering of sluice water to waste. Each compartment is equipped with a spin-flow aeration and spray nozzle to augment the sluice process to the customer’s vessel(s). The bottom cone in each compartment is heated for inclement weather during transportation.

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  • Spin-flow aerators to assist the resin sluice process
  • Spray nozzles to rinse each compartment
  • Custom underdrain for dewatering
  • Insulated and jacketed vessel
  • Thermostatically controlled onboard heating system for bottom cones
  • Aluminum grip strut upper work platform
  • Pneumatically controlled platform handrail
  • Pedestal-mounted LED work lights


  • Transport of various media types
  • Multimedia replacement in customer vessels
  • Can be configured for custom loads


Boone McAdams, Ryan Cullins

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