Subu 18.3 CrosFit Open 2018

Going to watch people workout doesn't seem, on the surface, something that sounds like an exciting activity. If one of your mates said "hey, lets go watch 4 people work out so hard they could puke" unless you're into some weird shit, you'd probably tell them to f#*k off. But thats pretty much what an Open workout is. Only on the surface though. Experiencing an open workout is getting a glimpse into a community of like minded people that have something very carnal in common, an odd relationship with pain.

Miguel close to the finish line

This year there is an estimated 500,000 people competing in the open. With a field of competitors that spans pretty much every demographic you can think of from young to old, male and female, strong to... not so strong, and even professional competitive CrossFit athletes. They do the same workout that the rest of us suburban wannabes do. What started with 30 competitors in 2007 is now arguably the largest competition on earth.

Athletes, judges, and announcer waiting on the countdown timer

The core of this workout is double-unders. A jump rope workout that requires the rope to do two rotations per jump. It's a feat to do one for the inexperienced. In this workout you must complete 100 of them before each of the other moments.

The second movement is over head squats (OHS in CF lingo) 115 LBs for males. A taxing movement on your flexibility, core strength, leg strength, and shoulder stability.

80 LBs for females

After anther round of 100 DUs it's time for the gymnastics movement of a ring muscle up.

It's an incredibly challenging movement for most

This is not one of the movements that everyone can do. Thats the beauty of competing in this event, it forces you to confront areas of your fitness that you struggle with.

Sometimes it takes everything you've got to get one rep. Emily is proving that here.

The judges complete an online course to understand the standards for all the movements. Elbows must be locked out at the top of a MU to get credit for the rep. Failure to do so results in a "No-Rep". Rachel showing proper form to the judge here.

After the 3rd round of 100 DU's athletes move to the dumbbell snatch. A moment that takes the dumbbell from the ground to directly overhead in one moment.

This movement requires full extension and locked out elbows.

4th set of 100

After the 4th set of 100 DU's its back to a gymnastics movement very similar to the ring MU. 12 of these are performed but on the bar this time.

Athletes who make it this far in the workout are pushing a red line in their cardiovascular system. This is what Crossfit is all about. Continuing to push yourself when it hurts.

Those who make it this far get rewarded with starting the whole thing over again.

The workout is capped at 14 minutes. That doesn't seem like a long time but when was the last time you gave a max effort for 14 minutes straight?

It is not uncommon to collapse on the floor at the end of a CrossFit workout.
Competition drives us but it's the community that binds us.

So if you've never been to an Open party, find your local box and go check one out. Maybe sign up for the open and see what your made of, you might surprise yourself. You might end up finding a community that you have something in common with too.

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