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Written and Directed by Brad Bird


‘THE INCREDIBLES 2’ takes place immediately after the ending of the first ‘INCREDIBLES’ and things don’t exactly go to plan for the heroes. The government are still holding the ban on superheroes, meaning the Incredible family will have to go back underground.

However, a major opportunity arises to, to which Helen (Elasti-girl) is brought back into the world of being a super, leaving her husband, Bob (Mr. Incredible), to navigate the course of life as a parent to his three kids: Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.

It’s a difficult transition for the family, and it gets tougher when they discover Jack-Jack now has superpowers. And on top of that, there is a new villain in town: the Screen-Slaver, intent on ridding the world of superheroes.


So, the Incredibles are back! After 14 years off the big screen our favourite super-family have returned. But does the sequel live up to the hype that has been building for months since its announcement?

Yes, absolutely!

Is it as good as its predecessor?

Well… not exactly.

It’s an enjoyable watch and I think fans of the first ‘INCREDIBLES’ film will enjoy the hell out of it. But when I left the cinema, I was still holding a smile from the enjoyment of the film, but the more I thought about it and compared it to the first, I felt a little underwhelmed. Only a little though.


One thing that really stood out to me when watching ‘THE INCREDIBLES 2’ is that compared to the last film, it’s a lot funnier. The comedy level has risen and it works, it really works! There are some really good gags dotted around in the script that’ll have you in stitches.

But the writing overall was solid, it did well to give the story a good pace and energy meaning boredom is literally impossible.

In terms of the characters… they’re alright. The family are well rounded characters, Bob and Helen get some great dialogue together which shows their development since the first ‘INCREDIBLES’ and they have some wonderful moments of comedy, it’s really fun to see the two have a moment of classic-couple bickering over ‘who does a better job at this’ (in their case it’s - who’s the better superhero) and it’s a moment that really stood out to me.

The supporting characters are given moments to shine, but not an awful lot. Violet and Dash have some great moments, balancing their home lives with their superhero personas was a great detail added to their storylines, but I can’t help but feel like I wanted more.

The story itself is pretty good, seeing the aftermath of ‘THE INCREDIBLES’ ending and how the heroes might have discovered a way to lift the ban on supers. But I’ll say no more otherwise I’d have to spoil it, and this is a spoiler-free review.

I think the script overall is solid, entertaining, engaging, but I wanted more. I wanted more development and progression of the characters, I wanted more time with some other characters who seemed interesting, but were sadly only introduced to only have a couple of lines and do some action and then… not much else.


All actors do a great job with the voice work of their characters.

Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible) is the standout for me out of all the performances, he gets some fantastic lines and he really nails the delivery, especially in the comedic moments of the script.

Holly Hunter (Elasti-girl) is clearly having a fun time with the script and the energy it gives to her, which makes her character even more engaging and Holly’s performance a thrill to listen to.

Other actors do well with what they’re given. The child actors do well with the characters, they hit the comedy notes terrifically, but again I was wanting more for them, more moments to let these brilliant, young talents shine.

There are quite a few returning characters as well, we do get the return of Edna (voiced by Brad Bird) which is brilliant and she gets some great moments with Jack-Jack. But sadly it’s only for two scenes and I left the cinema feeling a little disappointed that we didn’t get more of her character.

And as for the villain (the Screen-Slaver), I enjoyed the concept, but the script clearly set out to have this mystery within the first half of the film, making the audience wonder who the villain really is. But… I knew who it was instantly, I could see it coming a mile away, so when the reveal happened (which was clearly meant to be a moment of shock for the viewers) I wasn’t surprised, I was left sitting in my seat just shaking my head and thinking – ‘KNEW IT!’


The animation is amazing, there are some stunning action sequences and the lighting and colours of the film are sights which your eyes will enjoy.

And a lot of comedy comes from the visuals, mainly from the star of the film… JACK-JACK!

Jack-Jack is the best character and all the sequences involving his powers were just hilarious. Honestly I was near to rolling on the floor laughing, he is just entertaining and it’s clear the visual artists were having a great time in the studios designing Jack-Jack’s powers.

Best Jack-Jack moment = When he is with Edna. I shall say not say why. Just go and see it, and find out for yourselves.


‘THE INCREDIBLES 2’ is a lot of fun, it was a great return after 14 years, but for me it doesn’t fully live up to the first.

I think I just preferred the story and the villain of the first ‘INCREDIBLES’. But that’s not to say there’s nothing good about this film, like I said there are some great moments of dialogue and comedy, beautiful animation, fantastic action, it is a good film, I just preferred the first, that’s all.

‘THE INCREDIBLES 2’ results = 8/10

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