Creativity shines through The Spot dancers' last minute halloween costumes By toby goldfarb '23

At The Spot at Just Dance Studios, Halloween is not taken lightly. The entire week leading up to Oct. 31, every dancer wears a different costume each day of the week to showcase creativity and humor. Here are some highlights of school and family appropriate DIY costumes the dancers put together in just a day.

"The Purge" costume can be put together with a simple all black outfit and a cheap light up mask that could be found on Amazon Prime for upwards of $10.
This simple Cheetos costume can be executed by wearing at least one Cheeto item of clothing -- shorts found on Amazon Prime for around $16 -- and the top can be any desired color, however orange helps to finalize the look.
Ava Cohen ’23 used her own winter coat, sweatpants, thermal, winter hat and ski goggles (not pictured). This costume can quite literally be pulled together in under five minutes using household items.
Of course, there's always the extraordinarily original athlete. This is a great costume where no money needs to be spent, and the jersey can be reused for many purposes. Any old sports jersey works perfectly with this costume, and high socks can be added to complete the look.
One of my personal favorites was Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from SpongeBob. For Mermaid Man, the green tights were ordered off of Amazon Prime for under $10 and the purple shells and "M" belt were printed out. Barnacle Boy wore blue socks, a blue bandana, red shirt and black shorts.
Another easy costume is an 80s workout teacher, or arguably anything of the sorts. This was put together with leggings, a bathing suit, leg warmers, and a cropped shirt, all readily available in one's closet.
Lastly, a cowboy costume is definitely one of the cutest yet cheapest ideas. Flannels were previously owned as well as bandanas, but the iconic cowboy hats were purchased on Amazon Prime and Etsy for around $15 each.

For procrastinators, Halloween can be stressful when trying to figure out last minute costumes, when in reality, sometimes the answer is right in your own closet. All photos by Toby Goldfarb ’23

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Photos by Toby Goldfarb '23