enLIGHTen Learn how you learn.


enLIGHTen is a puzzle game about learning how you learn and how to improve it. The game houses many prototype learning tools I, Richard (KirbyKid) Terrell, have devised. It also doubles as a research project as it tracks detailed player stats and stores all the data automatically in my cloud server. Scripted entirely in Game Maker using GML programming language.

Visit open beta download page here.

Key Features Include...

  • A robust, challenging puzzle mode featuring 100 levels.
  • Innovative and experimental learning tools for use during standard play.
  • Level creator and other customization options.
  • Advanced filtering of data to aid in boosting curiosity and finding answers.
  • Lectures to thoroughly teach a new learning model.
  • Quizzes to stimulate curiosity.
  • Social features to stimulate growth by sharing progress and ideas with friends.
  • Ultra detailed stat keeping so insights about effective activities can be extrapolated.
  • Online cloud saving.
  • A visual scripting system to create macros/AI to solve puzzles.
  • An adaptive AI that learns the player's puzzle solving style.


Full Walkthrough (Spoiler Warning)


"I still love that game. So many great ideas." — Brian "Squirrel" Eiserloh.
"I'm someone who loves puzzle games ...and [enLIGHTen] is the first puzzle game...that once I beat it I felt like I had learned how to play it properly. I really felt like I had earned the name of 'Mastery'. I've never felt so satisfied finishing a puzzle game. It is wonderful!" — Krystal Hill
"Enlightenment has opened my mind on my shortcomings... that held me back while learning....The game is really good at letting you process all of this while silently guiding you through this journey... [enlighten] will become a great game/application to be used in other contexts other than this puzzle game... I wish I could use [enLighten] for anything I want to learn in my life." — Andrea Ortino
"...[enlighten] went so far beyond just giving you learning advice. Making the advice and the system tangible and then going through the process... charting your progress, comparing yourself with others via the friend feature made it much more powerful and effective in changing how I approach learning." — Fernando Zapada
"[enlighten is] a game where you're loosely guided towards the end goals of mastery and enLIGHTenment, so a lot of intrinsic motivation is needed to understand what the game is trying to teach. [after reaching mastery] I can understand better how learning...works, which is something applicable to basically everything. I recall going back to my old math notes and using [new learning] methods to complete some problems [that had stumped me previously]." — Firecakes
"I never reached mastery, but reaching enlightenment in the game helped me realize a lot about my bad habits. ... but I celebrate the smaller victories. Now I write more notes in general..." — Anthony Navaro
"Putting time into enLIGHTen has helped me examine and improve my learning habits. I've gotten better at recognizing when an approach I'm taking isn't paying off and when I need to change gears or take a break. I'm also getting better at paying attention to important details and taking notes in a variety of areas. Overall my learning practices are becoming more organized and efficient... the effort I've put into enLIGHTen has been beneficial and will continue to pay off going forward." — Mark Hill


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