South Korea Ebin huston - Felecia OConnell

Intro: Korea was an independent nation for a long time until the Japanese occupied it following the Russo- Japanese war. And would remain that way until the Japanese surrender at the end of WWII, when the US set up a democratic system in the south while a Communist system was set up in the North. Tensions between the two opposing sides led to the Korean War which would split Korea in two (North and South).

50,924,172 pop. World rank 28 (2016)

Recent high economic growth into a technological industry: $37,900 GDP per capita World rank 45 (2016)

4% unemployment rate World rank 35 (2016)

Main industries include agricultural and a recent boom in electronic manufacturing

Government type:presidential republic --- Republic where the elected president is the leader of the nation

Capital city : Seoul

is made up of 9 provinces, 6 metropolitan cities, 1 special city, and 1 special self-governing city

gained independence from Japan on August 15, 1945 and set up the Armistice line from the north on July 27, 1953

officially set up a Democratic constitution on July 17 1948 and is heavily based off of the American system

has a mixed legal system combining European civil law, Anglo-American law, and Chinese classical through

Voting age is 19 years of age; universal

One Prime Minister HWANG Kyo-ahn (since 18 June 2015); Deputy Prime Ministers YOO Il-ho (since 13 January 2016), LEE Joon-sik (since 13 January 2016

unicameral National Assembly, after every four years a new president is elected by the majority vote

Supreme Court of South Korea (consists of a chief justice and 13 justice,


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