Natural selection Max meyer peRiod 2

An example of natural selection is a birds beak. This bird has adapted to it environment by making its beak longer to pick off bugs. The longer beak helps this animal thrive in certain environments.
Another example of natural selection is the adaptation of making flamingos legs long to help them feed in deep water. They eat fish and fish need deep water to thrive most of the time like in the ocean.
Squirrels have been equipped with big stron teeth to crack thru tree nuts hard shell. The long teeth are a special tool to help the squirrels thrive in environments with tree nuts.
Giraffes didn't always have long necks over thousands of years they have changed with their long necks. The long necks come from them trying to reach leaves high up in the air and this change allows them to do this.
Dogs have to pant to cool down. This is an adaptation since they don't have any sweat glands to help them cool down in the hot weather. Darker dogs with thicker fur like burnese mountain dogs have to pant a lot to stay cool.


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