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Learning simple mindfulness techniques can help students improve well-being, manage stress and decrease anxiety.

<< the key >>

our bodies have the answer

we can learn to listen

we become in-tune through meditation
daily meditation keeps us grounded

amidst the CRAZY that is school + life

<< the invitation >>

we can un-train ourselves from distraction + anxiety

mindfulness is a daily practice we can cultivate. together. #mindfulscholar

Mindfulness is being aware of our present moment reality without attaching to the constant chatter + commentary running through our minds.

It's developing a different relationship with our thoughts by realizing we are not our thoughts.

Mindfulness happens when we fully engage with our senses, are cognizant of our surroundings and stay rooted in our bodies.

it's the opposite of being on auto-pilot

Meditation is a tool we can use to bring more mindfulness into our lives.

Meditation is substituting our discursive mind for another object of attention.

We don't have to stop thinking.


It's about learning to work WITH our thoughts.

It's not about self-help. We're not striving to be anything other than what we already are.

But it is about self-care.

We learn to soften unto ourselves + others.

We learn to BE in our lives, instead of always thinking about our lives.

we are learning to be okay with what is (including my double chin in this photo lol)

courage: to be who we are

compassion: toward ourselves + others

insight: into ourselves and our world

let's encourage our scholars to explore by exploring ourselves

meditation is a PRACTICE

which means: actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method, as opposed to theories relating to it


we train our minds just like we train our muscles at the gym

simple, but not easy

potential to be PROFOUND.

start slowly

choose a time of day

create space

declare your intention

be gentle

sit with others

most important is bringing a sense of openness and curiosity to your practice

my challenge to you: breathe for ten minutes every day.

the technique




rooted + rising


softness + strength

we FEEL our breath.

when we notice we're thinking

we simply

<< LET GO >>

come back to breath + begin again

we take a FRESH START

that's the practice.

explore + experiment

keep it light

listen to yourself

<< connect with others >>

Dr. Treleaven is one of the best resources for helping individuals incorporate trauma-sensitive mindfulness.

Meditation helped me see through the fog of grad school, giving me CLARITY where it once was so hazy.

--- Amanda Clark, Mindful Path to PhD, Doctoral Student

Well-being is the means by which to achieve the goals of graduate school.

--- Dr. Jim Hageman

I want to teach meditation to as many students as possible because our students need TANGIBLE TOOLS to manage stress, reduce anxiety + BUILD RESILIENCY.


I can teach your students online through my 100 Mindful Days meditation offering.

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through our rootedness we rise, through our softness comes strength



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