Whitkirk News! 8th october

A message from Mr. Dawson

This week, we have launched Black History Month and we will be weaving these key ideas throughout our theme lessons this half term. During our assemblies, the children have shown an excellent awareness of other cultures and religions and we would like to further develop this, as the weeks progress. Rehearsals are well underway for our Harvest Festivals, which are on Thursday 21st October (12:45pm - Reception and KS1; 1:45pm - KS2). Miss Quarmby and I have been spending some time in mathematics lessons across the school this week and will continue this next week. It has been an absolute pleasure to see how engaged children have been in their learning and how well they have understood the mathematical concepts being taught.

You may be aware that we have had a number of positive covid cases this week. I recognise that this will cause some concern but please be reassured that we are following all of the latest guidance and measures are in place to ensure that the cases are kept to a minimum within school.

Our fabulous PTA members have arranged a Halloween trail on Friday 22nd October (4:30pm-6:00pm). This day is a training day for all pupils; however, we hope to see as many of you in the evening as possible.

Finally, I would like to remind you that we are a nut-free school; therefore, any items which contain nuts must not be consumed at lunchtimes, as this may put a number of our children at risk. We would also ask that if children are bringing in grapes or small fruits, they are cut into pieces to avoid any risk of choking.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and make the most of the dry weather.

Dates for your diary:

  • 21st October 2021 - Harvest Festival (Reception and KS1 - 12:45; KS2 - 1:45)
  • 22nd October 2021 - Halloween trail (4:30-6:00)
  • 3rd and 4th November 2021 - Parents' evenings (information will be shared next week to support you with booking your consultation appointment)


We just cannot beat them! For the third week in a row, the class with the highest attendance is Y2KDi with 97.1%. Following just behind them is Y4AR with 97% and in joint third place Y2KDo and Y1JL with 96.5%.

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


This week in Reception, children have been reading the story, ‘In Every House on Every Street’. The book describes a family and their activities in their home. We have focused on the last question in the book, ‘I wonder how our house is like yours?’ We then discussed the similarities and differences between families and homes. Children have also been working hard to use their phonics skills to label the illustrations from the text. We have been particularly impressed when the children have applied these skills independently in literacy challenges. In maths, children have been learning to count, order and subitise numbers. They have been using the vocabulary more/bigger and fewer/smaller to explain how they ordered the numbers. As part of our ‘What makes me, me?’ theme, the children were very excited to bring in photographs from when they were a baby or toddler. They enjoyed looking at each other’s pictures and discussed how they had changed and grown! The children have also been exploring seasonal changes. They have been observing the changes that happen in autumn and have been describing autumnal objects using vocabulary such as, crunchy leaves, spiky conker shells, and bumpy pine cones!


Year 1 pupils have started to explore non-fiction writing this week through the genre of letters. We were so excited on Monday to find a letter and visitor in our classroom. He likes marmalade and comes from Peru… You guessed it: Paddington Bear. He sent us a letter to tell us all about what he’s been up to in London. He’s going to help us learn about the features of letters and what they include. We will then send him one back to tell him all about Whitkirk. This week, we have learnt the text, created a text map, and we have begun to imitate it. In maths, children have been working hard on their number bonds to 10. We have been using counters and numicon to see what numbers are missing from a number sentence. Well done for a great week, Year 1!

What another busy week it has been in Year 2! We have been learning about the four different sentence types and have practised using them in our writing. This week in maths, we have been identifying number patterns and comparing number sentences using <, > and =. As scientists, we are conducting an experiment to find out what cress seeds need to grow. We used our scientific knowledge to predict which cress seeds will grow the best depending on where they are placed. As part of Black History Month, we have been learning about local Olympic boxer, Nicola Adams. We practised our letter-writing skills to write her letters asking her questions.


This week has just flown by in Year 3! We started the week by locating different countries on a world map - we loved looking at all the different countries that make up each of our continents. In science, we learnt about the different muscles in our body and how they help us move. We found the gluteus muscles very funny! A huge well done to Year 3 for another super week. You never fail to amaze us with your determination and positive attitudes towards your learning.

Year 4 have had another amazing week this week! In English, we were lucky enough to be invited into Castle Grotteskew to help the Professor invent a new petrifying creation. We thought carefully about what our creation might say, how they might say it and what this would look like as direct speech. We can safely say that none of the adults would want to meet these creations; they sound terrifying! We also became scientists this week by looking inside our mouths at our teeth. We compared the differences between milk and adult teeth and identified canines, incisors, and molars by using mirrors and thought carefully about their properties. In our theme lessons, we have become tour guides and carried out our own research into a European country, and presented our facts to the class. Finally, the highlight of the week must be our DT lessons where 4AR took part in the Whitkirk Bake Off (we hope the biscuits tasted as good as they looked) and 4CO started researching their biscuit products, by tasting existing biscuit products, ready to start baking in a few weeks time!


It has been a lovely (yet strange!) week with Year 5! Despite us having to revert to bubbles again which has meant some changes, the children have really impressed us with how well they have coped with all the last-minute changes. This week we have continued reading our class text Cosmic, producing some fabulous letters from different characters - they have been a pleasure to read. We have also continued our theme work, investigating time zones across the world. In PSHE, we have learned about different types of discrimination, which led to our artwork on Black History Month. Overall, a great week with Year 5! 🙂

What a great week it’s been in Year 6! The children have been making lots of progress in all areas of the curriculum, particularly English and maths! In maths, we have identified the factors of numbers (as well as prime, square and cube numbers) before moving onto Roman Numerals. In English, we have been writing letters from Johnny - the protagonist in our text Kasper, Prince of Cats - to his friend from the orphanage and Mr Freddie. We have been focussing on including relative clauses and apostrophes for omission to work on our informal writing. It has also been amazing to see the enthusiasm from the children in both science and geography as they discover more facts about the circulatory system, as well as expanding their knowledge of both North and South America! Well done Year 6 – we’re looking forward to another fabulous week!

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Have a fantastic weekend!

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