Connecting to the Windows Virtual Desktop Lab (Mac) via Microsoft Remote Desktop

Step 1) Use this link to download the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Step 2) Download and Install the app. After installation is complete open the Remote Desktop App. Once open Select Workspaces and click Add Workspace.

Step 3) Under Add Workspace use https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/ and once loaded click Add.

Step 4) AU email

Step 5) Work or School Account

Step 6) AU Password

Step 7) Duo Authenticate

Step 8) Once the everything has loaded, you will be presented with a Hostpool. If you are in multiple classes across schools you may be presented with multiple Hostpools. Choose the Hostpool that corresponds with the school you belong to. Double click the icon for Hostpool to begin the login process.

Step 9) When asked enter you AU Email and AU Password and click Continue

Step 10) After clicking continue, the virtual lab will load. Please note that the connection is internet based. If you lose your internet connection your connection to the lab will be lost. You will have 15mins to reconnect before the machine gets put back in the pool for others to use.


Created with an image by Austin Distel - "Slack message with team communicating and collaborating in app on desktop and mobile. This photo is free for public use. Please credit this photo in caption with link to "www.distel.com"."