A week in singapore With the duke-NUs medical school

This summer, the Duke community is sharing images from study away programs, international research and travel experiences through the Duke Global Baton. As part of the collaborative photo project, the students at Duke-NUS Medical School shared a glimpse of their daily life in Singapore.

Founded in 2005, Duke-NUS is a collaboration between Duke University and the National University of Singapore.

- by Sami Oliver

Clinicians in Training

The winners of the first Minnie Peng Pathology Challenge Shield, a pathology team quiz for local medical students in Singapore.
"Duke-NUS may be a young medical school in Singapore, but with its extraordinary faculty, we are confident we can be competent physicians too. This photo was taken after our team won the first ever Minnie Pang Pathology Challenge Shield!”

-Clement Sim, MD candidate, Class of 2020

During the Instagram takeover, Duke-NUS hoped to showcase its difference and diversity and demonstrate that it isn’t just another medical school, says Jane Koh, an interactive media manager at Duke-NUS.

Duke NUS is a graduate-entry medical school that admits more mature students with significant academic and life experiences. This year's graduates, for example, include a former teacher, finance professional, civil servant and an aerospace engineering graduate.

"This environment of richly varied life experiences and diverse cultural and educational backgrounds create a unique Duke-NUS experience for our students," Koh says.

LOCAL fare

The Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre is one of Singapore's best known hawker centres, or open-air food courts. This market is located a stone's throw away from Duke-NUS, and students and other customers can choose from a wide range of local food from more than 80 stalls.

Singapore's national dish, chicken rice.
Singapore-style carrot cake.

Two popular meals are Singapore's national dish, chicken rice and Singapore-style carrot cake. (Instead of carrots, this cake contains radish, garlic, eggs and a thick, sweet sauce.)


Just like in Durham, basketball is big at Duke-NUS. In their free time, medical students often participate in a friendly game, like these first year students above.

community service projects

Many Duke-NUS students contribute time and effort to community service projects, both locally and regionally.

One of these student-led initiatives is Camp Simba, which addresses the emotional needs of children whose family members are afflicted with cancer. Duke-NUS students also volunteer at Project DOVE, which provides free health screening and medical education to the underprivileged in the region, as well as I'm STEADY lah! which tackles social stigma of mental health issues among young adults in Singapore.

The SingHealth and Duke-NUS Academic Medicine partnership builds on the collective clinical strengths of the SingHealth Group (Singapore's largest healthcare group) with research and medical education capabilities of Duke-NUS.

Graduation at Duke-NUS

Graduates during the Duke-NUS Graduation and Hooding Ceremony, held on June 1, 2019.

During the takeover, Duke-NUS held its annual Graduation and Hooding Ceremony, with 70 students earning MD, PhD and MD/PhD degrees.


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Photos by Duke-NUS

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