Myrtle Beach By: Nevada Carlisle

The Cherry Grove Pier in Myrtle beach was built in the early 1950's, and is one of the first piers made in Myrtle beach. You can fish, go crabbing, and many other activities.

Putt Putt golf is one of many popular activities to do while on your vacation during Myrtle beach. It is one of the most funnest activities you can do.

If you stay at a hotel at Myrtle beach, it can cost from $62, to $150 for two people.

Hard Rock is a music park that opened in 2008, but closed down in September 2008 because of financial issues.

You can also kayak in Myrtle beach, which is very fun if you've never been before.

Brookgreens Garden is a beautiful garden place where you can go for peace and quiet and enjoy the scenery.

Little River is a seafood restaurant that has very good food that will make you come back again for more.


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