Timeshifter 3000 step into time


A gadget that stops time for as long as you want. It is $1500.

Mission statement

Our purpose is for friendly fun, and safety. There are now so many possible ways to prank someone and so many lives could be saved.

The timeshifter is a small, handheld device.

Target audience

Our target audience is for teen pranksters and use by the authorities.

Contact info

Our phone number is 1-800-SHIFTER. Our website is Www.Shifter.com

Our logo is a hourglass and a clock. It represents time stopping.


" Step into Time "


For every Timeshifter 3000 we sell, we donate $100 to the wounded warrior project.


Created with images by nile - "hourglass time hours" • Unsplash - "time stopwatch clock"

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