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We have had an awful lot of rain lately and many local rivers, including the Avon (famous from Stratford upon Avon) is one of them. This is normally a sedate, bucolic river and to see it roaring along producing white water is very strange. The photos were taken on my iPhone 7 Plus. I was shooting on film that day and shot so much that I ran out, so had to switch to my smartphone. The conversion to B/W isn't an artistic choice, but to hide the fact the river was a nasty muddy brown / yellow colour which looks unpleasant. So I guess that could be called an aesthetic decision.

Very wide multi image panorama - Leica SL (Typ 601) Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 via Voigtlander adapter.

Yes I know - more daffodils pictures!! Just what the world needs. However I can't resist them. This year due to the cold winter they were very late so I was even more happy to see them. iPhone 7 Plus.

I've started to curate images for a personal project called 'RETALES' which the above images explain what this is all about. Lots of different cameras used from smartphones to medium format film. I've always been fascinated by the almost surreal of many of the UK's retail outlets and realised recently that I have an interesting collection of images. Not sure what to do with them, but an online book might be a possibility. I have a large number of images still to look at and the above is just a small collection.

Most of the images are unsuitable for stock because of copyright issues and in the end that may put some limits on how I can use these. But as I say this is 'personal work'. i.e, stuff I like shooting but probably can't sell. I'll see how this goes.

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