The Odyssey By: Faith mccormick

I meet Calypso by her saving me from drowning. Calypso kept me on her land for years until Zeus ordered her to let me free. She tried to pull a trick on me saying "she doesn't want be here anymore" so I would ask why and stay there with her, but I didn't fall for it and I left in search for home.
Phaeacia is where I was last ended up, I was found ashore by the kings daughter and then I was brought to court to tell the king my story I am going to tell you.
I left my home to go fight in Troy. On my way back home I got lost from the rest of my crew. I ended up in different locations along the way losing parts of my crew at almost every location.

I set off on my journey home, and my first stop was the cicones. I raided the city of Cicones with my men, slaughtering their men and enslaved their women, we also kill all of their stock and set sail again.

I ended up on another island so I decided to send 3 of my men to explore the island, but when they never returned I decided to send 3 more men to go find then. It turned out that the first men ate the Lotus Eaters. My men dragged them back and we tied them to our ship.

I then set sail on another island and took half my crew to look for shelter and food. We found a cave with cheese, so we took some and thanked the gods. Then a Cyclops came and tried to eat us, we stabbed the cyclops in his eye blinding him. We later escaped by holding onto the underside of the sheep.

While we were sailing we saw an island with a palace on the top of a mountain, we went on the island of Aeolia. Aeolus treated us with lots of respect and kindness, so I decided to tell Aeolus and his children some of my journeys/stories, they enjoyed them so much that I decided to stay on Aeolian for a month. After a month passed I decided to leave but first Aeolus gave me a gift in my bag and said do not open it until you truly need it.

We then came across the Laesrygonians, very powerful cannibal giants. I sent some men to see what type of people lived there. Antiphates and his queen made the men into their dinner. Once I saw this we went back to our ships as soon as possible.
We came across another land, half oh my crew went to look for food. They never came back so I decided to look for them, I went up a mountain to reach palace. Circe, invited me in to eat, she offered me a drink that was supposed to turn me into an animal, but I ate something a god gave me to not be affected by her spell. She turned my crew into animals thats why they didn't return. She invited me into her room so I went. Many months later I finally got to escape.

I then when to the land of the dead to meet Teiresias. I first had to make a sacrifice, as Circe told me to do. I started to see souls once I did the sacrifice, the first one was one of my crew members that I lost at the island of Aeaea, the second soul I saw was Teiresias, he told me that Poseidon is punishing the Achaens for blinding his son and that I will return home, he warns me not to touch or eat the cattle on the island of the sun god. I also got to talk and see my mother, and she tells me what was happening at home and how died in grief waiting for me.

Circe had warned me about the Sirens, beautiful nymphs who used their voices to capture sailors. Once they captured you they would feed on your flesh. Circe gave me beeswax to put in the ears of my men so they wouldn't hear them. I wanted to listen so I had my crew tie me up with many ropes, no matter what I said I told them not to let me go. Once we got past the Sirens the crew removed the beeswax from their ears and untied me.

Circe warned me about Charybdis and Scylla, but she did not tell my crew. I had to pick to either go through Charybdis or Scylla, Charybdis had a whirlpool that would kill everyone, but Scylla would only take the life of 6 of my men. Circe told me to go with Scylla, so I wouldn't have to lose all my men I'd only have to lose 6. I felt like I couldn't do anything to not lose any of my men but there was no paths around that.

My crew see lands and wants to stop on the island of Thrinkia and rest, we went to the island but I told my crew that they could not touch or eat the sheep or cattle. The next day they were ready to leave but there was a very strong wind that didn't let us leave. Circe had gave us food but we ran out of food, so we had to catch fish and kill birds. My crew were tired of the food we were eating so they decided to eat the cattle. The sun god then woke up and found out that some of his animals had been eaten. He punished me and my crew and he threatened not to let sun on the earth unless they prayed with their lives for what they have done. Zeus aimed thunderbolts towards my ship, destroying it, and I was left in the water and made a little raft and continued to sail home.


Created with images by ccarlstead - "Trojan Horse at Troy" • MCAD Library - "Troilos Slain by Achilles, drawing after interior tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix" • Sean MacEntee - "Beach" • pviverito - "T0053" • Jorge Lascar - "Troy archaeological site and a Trojan horse" • Mariamichelle - "ship boat lake garda" • MustangJoe - "beach dominican republic dominican" • Joe Shlabotnik - "Kid"

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