Good Life Performance Ryan Diaz

The Spatial Experience

The Constans theatre has a simple setting that beautifully complements the rest of the Reitz union. As you enter the auditorium it's like walking into a broadway show with fewer seats. My seat was perfectly positioned in the middle of the theatre allowing me to see all aspects of the play that may have otherwise been missed in another seat. Once we were seated the anticipation had my friends and I excited for what was to come and as the lights dimmed this excitement flourished. The overall size of the theatre was decent enough to provide a comfortable experience. Similar to the theatre, places play a huge role in life as the setting often dictates the mood of a situation. The theatre for example, provided a cozy setting that the play could be viewed from and contributed to the storyline greatly.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with two of my friends who were avid theatre members which ultimately benefitted me as they were able to explain parts of the play that I didn't comprehend. To prepare for the performance, my friend who had already viewed the play went over the setting to ensure that we understood the jokes and severity of the working conditions children faced. Overall attending the play with friends made the experience much more enjoyable because we were able to laugh together and help each other understand confusing parts in the storyline. Shared experiences are essential to achieving the good life as humans are meant to create relationships to have a sense of belonging. Belonging to a group of people helps us feel wanted and is often what drives individuals to provide for their families.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The setting and storyline of the The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt depicts an integral issue still present in the society today. Socioeconomic status played a huge role in the play as it depicted how those of the lower classes were forced into dangerous jobs to provide for their families. Child labor and the churches oppression were central issues in the play. Unfortunately I have little knowledge of the working conditions children faced but after viewing the play I have researched and read the many ways children workers died, often from being caught in machines. Similarly, I have looked into the role of churches in this time period and they often mandated what the people were allowed to do. Although these issues don't relate to my life, viewing the play has opened my eyes to how things were a century ago. Also, my perspective of the past has altered as I realize that our society has changed and enhanced in the process.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt touches on an important issue in society. The living conditions faced in the setting of this play really gives viewers the opportunity to appreciate where we all are in our lives. Also, we can appreciate the way society is structured today in a way that anybody can become wealthy, no matter their socioeconomic status. Through these aspects, the play offers a mode of katharsis, meaning the viewers can come clean about feeling ungrateful for the any things we have readily available. Ultimately the play serves to show viewers the importance of being grateful in every part of life as this is essential for living a happy life; an integral part of reaching the good life.

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