Hot Yoga’s Influence on Metabolism Texarkana Yoga

Physical activity is a key factor for metabolic functioning. When the body begins to sweat, it kicks the endocrine (glandular) system in gear. This system helps regulate many organ functions in the body, including metabolism and digestion. A jumpstarted metabolism means the body will burn energy (or calories) more rapidly

Practicing yoga in a heated room increases your pulse rate and metabolism, allowing your blood vessels to become more flexible and making your bod burn some major calories! This in turn makes circulation easier and increases blood flow to the limbs.

Hot Yoga tests strength, balance, and flexibility, challenging the body in a multitude of ways so it’s working as one unit. When multiple muscle groups work in conjunction, muscle starts to increase in size and density. The more muscle we build, the more calories we burn. The more calories burned, the more the metabolic rate increases to burn those calories.

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