collage & photos SARAH PESSIN

My fun take on emanation (and the vicissitudes of chance!); constructed from DIY magazines (and a hotel room key!) (San Diego, Nov.-Dec. 2019)
collage box for my grandfather (god rest his soul)
"no vacancy" collage box
"blue flight" collage box, top
"blue flight" collage box
[clay zoomorphic-letter friends based on medieval manuscript illuminations -- I thinks it's an L, d, and b? not sure!]
[Maimonides' Physicians' oath in the style of medieval illuminated manuscripts; an early attempt from many years ago! (clearly I don't know how a bow and arrow works...)]
"and there was light," collage box
[inside of the box, 1]
[Inside of the box, 2]
"jacob wrestles with an angel," collage box
[a digital attempt; not perfect, but I like it!]
"blue girl" collage
"apples and honey" collage
"animal will" collage
"maria full of grace"
"springs colorado springs"
"typeset memories"
"art&travel chicago"
"blue door tapestry"
"night life storm"
"yellow haze"
"green cactus crossing"
"fire drive"
"bdwy boogie"
"now you see it"
"are we there yet, 1"
"are we there yet, 2"
"are we there yet, 3"

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Created with an image by Alexander Andrews - "Camera Classics"