CU 1010 Journal Spring 2017

1.31.17 What time management strategies did you use last semester? How well did they work?

Last semester I was not the greatest at time management, I did work hard but my time management often came to kill me. The physics homework would take me hours and then I had the lab on top of it, along with my other classes and I felt overwhelmed. So honestly I did not come up with a time management strategy I just did as much work as possible whenever, I had free time. My biggest problem was fitting studying into my homework workload time.

What makes me uncomfortable are two separate things: First, procrastination in itself makes me uncomfortable as I have a big anxiety problem, and knowing that I have work due the next day; that I don't think I will be able to do stresses me out. Second, not knowing how to do something makes me uncomfortable, and as a result, much like procrastination, this stresses me out. When these two coalesce much like a video game multiplier it is two times as bad. Procrastination has impacted my life by introducing me to so much stress that when I got to college I decided I would rather work all the time and never relax than have to deal with that stress. It has impacted my life today because my entire schedule is built around avoiding procrastination, I go to pals, asc tutoring, and spend almost all my school day either studying or doing homework at the library, with my free time being reserved to the weekends. This may not be the most fun schedule, but it is the most stress free so I enjoy it more than past schedules. With process vs product I used to be very much a product person, however, this semester I try to start all assignments the moment I get them, with my big weakness still being that sometimes I forget about them, but by starting early I am able to divide an assignment, especially projects, over a few days instead of all at once.

1.Did you make effort to understand the text? Yes. ||||| 2. Did you work with classmates on homework problems? No. |||||| 3. Did you attempt to outline every homework problem solution before working with classmates? Yes. ||||| 4. Did you participate actively in homework group discussions? No. |||| 5. Did you consult with the instructor or teaching assistants when you were having trouble with something? Yes ||||| 6.Did you understand all of your homework problem solutions when they were handed in? Yes ||||| 7.Did you ask in class for explanations of homework problem solutions that weren't clear to you? No ||||| 8. If you had a study guide, did you carefully go through it before the test and convince yourself that you could do everything on it? Yes ||||| 9.Did you attempt to outline lots of problems solutions quickly, without spending time on the algebra and calculations? No ||||| 10. Did you go over the study guide and problems with classmates and quiz one another? Yes ||||| 11. If there was a review session before the test, did you attend it and ask questions about anything you weren't sure about? Yes ||||| 12. Did you get a reasonable night's sleep before the test? Yes.

Changes I would Make: Working with others seems to be my key weakness in this so in preparation for future tests I would strive to work with my classmates more outside of just PAL sessions.

I believe that group projects can be very beneficial in some sense and only detrimental in others. In college I find that the rate at which competency can be found in my peers is much greater in comparison to high school. In that sense no longer are people holding each other down but, instead providing compliment to one another's abilities. However, in the event that one ends up in a group with someone who has intelligence but lacks the desire to exercise that which they are gifted their intelligence becomes a negligible factor as they only detriment the combined effort. I would say as one who has benefited greatly from PALS in most situations It is very freeing to be able to rely on others however, in so doing comes expected and inherent anxiety. I believe that communication with a professor is very important. A person can greatly benefit from doing so as the professor will likely be able to see that you truly care about learning. While I myself do not exercise this as I never have questions for my professor and am not aware of their tolerance level to just attending office hours to "chat"; I do believe it is very beneficial.


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