Dispatches from Home Students in Reporting 30204 are writing about COVID-19 and its impact on TCU and students' home communities

With the semester break looming, his flight home to the San Francisco Bay area was booked.

The sophomore economics major, who asked to remain anonymous to protect his privacy, left campus March 5, the Thursday before spring break. That was the day San Francisco officials announced there were two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the city.

Since then, 4,643 people in California have tested positive for the virus and 101 have died, according to the California Department of Public Health. His uncle was among those who contracted the coronavirus, but he's since recovered.

The state ordered all its citizens to remain home except for essential travel.

“I’m pretty close to going crazy,” he said. “However, I do go on walks around my neighborhood and play some computer games to clear my mind.”

Routine has become a big part of this sophomore’s life as he spends hours inside, since distance learning started a week ago. He's had to adjust to reading powerpoints instead of having teachers lecture the information over Zoom, he said.

Joan Sia, a sophomore nursing major who attends the University Texas at Arlington, said she wishes she could be back on campus already. She’s able to study for her classes with pre-recorded lectures from her professors on the computer but unable to actually be on campus.

“I’d rather be on campus to be more productive for my upcoming tests,” Sia said.

While quarantining and self isolating inside her house with her family has been trying times, there have been some positives.

“It’s hard to be stuck inside but I’m able to eat three meals a day now,” Sia said.

During her time spent at home, Sia said she's been following the CDC guidelines and recognizes the importance of staying home and self-isolating to flatten the curve.

“As a non-medical professional, I would say it’s only gonna get worse so self-isolate,” Sia said.

Report by Collin Gray

Cover photo credit: The Associated Press