Texas reconstruction By edward loya

The reconstruction of Texas was an effort by the us to recreate Texas without slavery. It needed to happen because without It they would've never adapted to the new lifestyle. The south was in ruins because they didn't know what to do without slaves.

Lincons plan for reconstruction was to have 10 percent of people from each state apologize and they would be readmited to the us. Lincoln was assinated in Washington DC. Johnsons plan was for the states to Johnstons plan was to set up a provisional government of people that the south didn't necessarily like. And he made them nullify as an act of secession and the us government would not pay off the Texas debts.

Gordon granger was a messenger that delivered the message that the slaves in Galveston were indeed free. He came to Texas to tell the slave owners that the slaves were free. Juneteenth was the day that the slaves were freed and they were extremely excited. The Freeman's bureau is a group of men who met and wrote the constitution.

Johnson appointed Andrew j Hamilton because he was from the north and he served as a unionist in the civil war. The delegates were ex confederate army soldiers. The convention was not bias because most of the people were racist confederates.

The constitution of 1866 said that African American people couldn't vote, or do many other things like segregation. When ex confederates came in control they refused to ratify the thirteenth and the fourteenth amendment because they feared the freed African American people. The black codes were laws that restricted the rights of freed African American people.

Comgress felt that johnsons plan wasn't working because they weren't seeing the progress that they had expected. The radical republicans were a group of people that wanted much tougher requirements for the southern states to rejoin the us. The radical republicans gained control by catching the attention of some people on congress and that is when it really took off.

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