Personification Poem

In a tall house, on a steep hill, he lived.

He's an athlete, yells the shining trophies crowding the shelf.

He's a spender, not a saver, tells the empty wallet lying on the desk.

He loves music, sings the headphones sitting on the bed in a tangle of wires.

He is a baseball player, signals the many hats on the wall.

He has a lot of homework uttered the unzipped backpack, lying against the bed.

The long pants and large shoes flung across the floor tell that he is very tall.

The mess of papers pinned against his wall say that he is always busy.

The drawer full of video games suggests that sometimes he just needs a quick escape.

The Christmas tree in the living room, with ornaments hanging from every branch tells that he is very into the Christmas spirit.

The kayak lying on the canoe, in the backyard declares that he loves the outdoors.

The two other bedrooms in the large house, tell that he has a family.

His mom likes to cook instructs the pantry full of ingredients.

The opposite sink surrounded by toiletries, in the stark white bathroom, says that he has a brother.

He loves his family, tells the four initials on his wall…

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