Stock Market Portfolio Math project 2016 - Antoni mulock houwer - Grade 9

In my stock market project I invested in numerous companies such as Nestle, Walmart, Alphabet, the best one being Imperva. I went all in and bought over 200 stocks in Imperva. At the time that I bought it was on a steep increase and I got all the profits from it. Interestingly enough the worst company that I invested in was also Imperva as when it crashed I lost everything. I plummeted in ranking from eight to forty ninth and I had lost all the profits that Imperva initially gave me. No matter what I invested in after that crash it couldn’t saved me from the my profit loss. The other companies such as Nestle and Walmart remained very stagnant and didn’t really do anything for me so I ended up selling them. Just as some background Imperva is a cyber security software that companies use to protect all their sensitive information. The day before I invested them there were massive DDoS attacks on websites all over the world and I knew that would be the time to invest in them and it definitely payed off as their stocks soared for a while. If I were to redo this project I would most definitely not invest in Walmart, Nestle, and Alphabet as they were just a waste of time and money and brought absolutely nothing apart from small losses to me. Imperva was only a good investment for a very specific situation and if those DDoS attacks never occurred I wouldn’t even have considered Imperva. If I were to redo this I’d probably look for more short term stocks that I buy in a specific situation (for example if there was an outbreak of a certain disease I’d invest in vaccines against said disease and once the problem disappeared I’d sell them again). I’ve learned that the stock market is much simpler than I initially thought it was. Going into the project I was very nervous that I wouldn’t understand a single thing about it but looking back now it was definitely much simpler than it seemed. I would say that investing in the stock market is something that’s easy to get into but very difficult to master.


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