Sandbox Grant Atwell

I ate civilization

it poisoned me

in voluntary crucifixion

flowers and landscape were the only attractions here

i shall go away tomorrow too.

Promising myself

now to my own guardian animal

he wouldn't let me

then i thought of the civilized girl

and i would constantly remember poor Linda.

Whole days had passed

i never saw another soul

then with a click

i was startled as though by the bite of a snake

the helicoptors now ceaselessly hummed and roared

like turkey buzzards settling on a corpse the reporters came

i stayed hidden away in the old lighthouse

borrowed from from Brave New World  by Aldous Huxley.


Created with images by j3ffm4n - "nature monument" • sjon - "Play. (part deux)" • andyarthur - "Alone" • antoinese0 - "lighthouse end of the world antarctic"

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