My Journey Kody Bowman

This photo was taken at the Annual Awards Banquet for the United States Air Force. The photo shows myself on the left and my wife on the right.


This is my oldest child name Liam. This year he will be turning 4 years old and wants to be a basketball player like his dad. He also enjoys playing soccer, baseball, football, and outdoors activities.

My pride and joy.

My son again but when he was about the same age as my daughter below.
This is my second child and her name is Kinsley. She just turned one and loves everything she sees.
This is my lovely wife and her name is Lexie. She just graduated with her bachelors in Social Services and also is a certified Realtor.

My Story

PincherMy story starts out when I first met my wife. We really didn't have much growing up or even when we started out but we knew if we could get through the rough times we could be the most successful people we knew. After going from job to job trying to support us, I decided to enlisted to the United States Air Force after my son, Liam, was born. Our family soon realized new challenges that awaited us being new military members. Our current station is in Cheyenne, Wyoming in which I work on nuclear missiles. While here, we had our second child Kinsley which is now 1 year old. Though they are small, they have had to learn to grow up faster than I would like because of military life but they are amazing children. My wife has had to endure the most with joining so quickly and moving away from everyone she has ever known. Also, she has been the striving force in which I try to better myself each day to be like her. On top of being a mother; she is a designer, realtor, social worker, and a photographer. We also have two giant dogs named Zeus (a Doberman Pincher) and Apollo (German Shepard). Like I said at the beginning of this story, we have strived to be the most successful people we know and we have made that accomplishment already. Some of our current completed goals are completing both our bachelors by the end of this year, flip two houses, invest into numerous funds, and go on various family vacations. Thank you.

Apollo (German Shepard 135 lbs)
Zeus (Doberman 125 lbs)
Kinsley trying her new teething toy before we go house shopping
Our first Bennett Springs trout fishing trip as a family of 4.
Never forget the little things in life because these are the moments that get you through the tough times.

Thank you for looking at my Journey thus far.

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