Sports Equality Are sports at LEigh high school equal?

Boys and Girls Sports are said to be equal here at Leigh High School (LHS), but are they really? Let us have a look at the Sports and the equality and inequality for females and males.

Bellow this text box is a photo of a poster that is hanging in our school gym. Some people may argue that this photo is unequal and that boys sports are more privileged because a male playing a sport is the largest photo, but if you count girls sports are featured onto here 6 times while boys are featured 5.

Poster in Gym

Here's a photo of windows that are next to the Library, both featuring Boys & Girls Sports accomplishments.

Windows by Library

On Monday, March 20, LHS gave out newspapers and what's shown smack down right on the front? Boy's Baseball. Where's mention of Girls Softball 4-1 ratio?

Front page of newspaper

More pages featured from our newspaper which is run by our Journalism class. Shown bellow are Winter Sport MVP's and MLS season. With the MLS season feature only talking bout males that makes for 2/3 pages referencing Sports Male based.

Other pages featured about Sports in newspaper

Nella K. is a student apart of the Journalism Class which is in charge of the paper. In an interview held with her about how 2/3 pages of the Sports section were on males she responded "Well it's not all of Journalism that decides what goes on what, it's the people that work for our Sports section that does."

Nella Khachian; Student in Journalism

Below are photos of the Girls dugout and the boys dugout. Obviously you can tell the boys are wayyy nicer so why is that? It is not hard to tell the quality of the two are not equal.

Girls Dugout for Softball
Boys Dugout for Baseball

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