CloseUp CAS Highlights

CloseUp Theatre Troupe was founded in 1997, CloseUp has a history of performing at orientation to engage new members of the EMU family, as well as performing at the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration that is held on campus annually. CloseUp creates and performs original material about what is happening in our world now.

Interviewing Heather and Hananiah CloseUp’s co-directors they talked about how the troupe utilizes each other's voices. “We speak about what excites us, what scares us, and to explore things that we might otherwise never investigate” they say. During this semester they have stayed connected as a community through Zoom and GroupMe since they have not been able to meet in person. “There is a network of love, support, and strength that can be traced back to the very beginning that helps make CloseUp even more unique.” says Hanninah.

Check out CloseUp's social media platforms and check in the fall for auditions following their orientation show!