Its almost time for Cake

Pure Cake Session

It's almost time for your session, I hope you and your little one are as excited as I am! Here is a little guide to prepare you for your session. We are going to have so much fun. I can't wait to get messy and make memories!


My address is 9631 Monolith Dr NW Albuquerque NM 87114. If you click the link on the button below you will be sent to a google map to my studio. If you will be using another service for directions please make sure to plug them in before you leave your home. I live in a development that is fairly new and not all map or GPS services have the updated streets and it has caused confusion in the past.

What to Expect

We will start with a portrait on a white bed, in what ever outfit you like. I just like to take a few images of the birthday boy or girl before they are covered in cake. Then we will move to the cake smash set where they will feast on their yummy cake. Then they will get undressed and take a fun little bubble bath to get nice and clean.

What to Bring:

Please bring a towel for your little one

Bring a change of clothes that your child can leave in

Bring any snacks that you know your child loves, sometimes children don't like cake. In those cases we just place the snack on the cake so it looks like they are digging in.

Bring baby wipes (things will get messy!)

Parents should expect to get dirty as well so you may want to bring a change of clothes if you have plans after

Bring anything that might comfort your child incase if they become upset or nervous. ex. favorite treat, blanket, for favorite toy

Bring any and all outfits or accessories you want your child pictured with. Normally parents bring a nice outfit for the before picture on the white bed and a fun outfit for the cake smash. Children usually take their bubble bath images in the nude but if you prefer modesty swim trunks or swim suits are a good option.

What not to Bring:

Please avoid bringing peanut products to your session! My studio serves many families with babies and newborns and peanuts allergies can be deadly for some small children

Leave your cell phone in your pocket, remember your contract states no cell phone video or pictures. Why? So many times I have had parents calling for their child's attention to get a them to look in their direction for a cell photo. Thats what you are paying me for! Lol! But, really it's a lot for a one year old to have a bunch of adults constantly battling it out for your attention by yelling from every direction.


Get everything ready the night before your session. Baby will know if mom or dad are stressed and it can make them less likely to enjoy themselves once they are here

Relax, this is a time to celebrate your baby, don't be too concerned about your baby smiling or looking at the camera. This photoshoot is meant to document your child at this first big milestone. The less pressure you put on your little one the more you will love their images

Come prepared to have fun.

If you have any suggestions during the session feel free to share them. No one knows your baby better than you do.

If you are trying to get your little ones attention or get them to smile make sure that you are behind the photographer, I will give you more special instructions once you arrive.

Read over the portrait agreement and studio polices carefully before you arrive to avoid any issues that may arise.

Cake eating can be thirsty business, I have water here in the studio and I will pause for quick water breaks. If you would like you can bring a sippey cup for water or any other drink you see fit.

Make sure to put my cell phone number in your phone before you leave your home. If you get lost or if you are running late just send me a text or give me a call!


Online Gallery

After your session within about 2 weeks you will receive an email to your online password protected gallery with your images. You will have the option to download your entire gallery and share with friends and family. Your gallery will be active for the period of one month. Please make sure to download your images with in this time frame. You will also have the option to purchase your images from my personal professional print lab if you choose. I encourage you to purchase your favorite images from my lab because they are calibrated to my monitors to ensure print quality. But you have my blessing to print from whatever lab you choose, a print release will also be posted in the information section of your gallery.

Now all there is left to do is Party! See you soon!


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