Porvenir Scholarships

Class of 2020 Scholarships

4 Scholarships ~ $500/each

Requirements: Mentee award winner must demonstrate a personal commitment to teaching Texas and U.S. history and the importance of including experiences and perspectives of Latinos. Mentee award winner must also commit to pursuing an education degree and complete the requirements for a Texas Social Studies SBEC Certificate.

These scholarships are awarded through the RSEPSF in collaboration with the decendants of Porvenir. Current scholarships are given in the names of:

  • Longino Flores
  • Roman Nieves & Dora Bitolas
  • State Representative Jose Tomás Canales
  • Porvenir School Teacher, Harry Warren

"We are all custodians of our history Our history isn't always neat. It isn't always clean. It isn't always pretty, but it's important because our history matters... because our history is American history." ​

​~Georgina C. Pérez

Discover the true story behind the 1918 massacre of 15 Mexican men in this tiny border town. 100 years later, the film asks what led to the events of that fateful night and reveals the tensions that still remain along the border a century later.

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Created By
Georgina C. Pérez


Founder and President of RSEPSF