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Throughout the past few weeks I have been working on my clay owl project. I faced multiple challenges as I was finishing shaping my owl and carving patterns into it. I had to decide what shapes I wanted them to be. Some problems I faced included that my owls face and head/ears were not really the shape I wanted, but the clay had already began to dry so it was harder to reshape them. It was also difficult to carve into the clay without the proper tools. It was also a tough decison to decide what glazes I wanted to put on my owl. Once I decided what colors I wanted my owl I had to decide what glazes would work to make it how I wanted. I feel that while I was doing this project I developed more art skills with clay.

Clay Owl Project

This project proved to be challenging for me because I had never hand built anything this large out of clay before. This project was engaging for me because I liked actually building and shaping the owl and carving into it. I really hope to work with clay some more in the future. My owl was also meaningful to me because I spent alot of time working on it and planing it. I also plan to give it to my grandmother for her birthday this spring so she can plant some plants in it.

If I were to do this project again I think I would take more time when developing the structure of my owl so that I would not of had to of come back to it later when it was harder to shape.

My Owl Project in Progress

An Artisitc behavior I feel I have improved on throughout the past few weeks is Engage and Persist. While working on my Acrylic painting of a sea turtle I faced multiple challenges. While I was waiting for my owl to dry so it could be bisque fired I began to work on this painting. Currently I am still working on it and I have been struggleing with blending my colors properly so I can get the right texture on the turtles shell and the ocean background behind it. I am trying to fix this by blending different colors and by doing different layers of paint to get the colors right.

Sea Turtle Painting ( unfinished )

Due Date: March, 24 2017

While working on the above turtle painting I expanded my knwoledge of blending colors and using different types of acrylic paints. As i was finsishing up my project I began to use better quality paints which allowed me to make more realistic colors and to be able to blend colors more effeciently.

An artistic behavior I have exhibited is take risks. For my next project I chose to do a patel drwaling of a leapard. I enjoyed drawing the leapard but it has been hard the get the right colors bended to make it fur look realistic. So far I am not sure if I like using the pastel pencil media but I am trying to re-imagine the project to make it more fun to work on, and more interesting.

This project has been very challenging because I have been working with a new media that is somewhat hard to master within just one small project. I hope that I will soon get a better grasp on it.

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