Split Tone Technical

Split Tone is an editing technique where the shadows are toned one color, and the highlights a second color. Split toning is often used with color grading in the media to give a scene a desired look and feel.

Week 11's exercise is somewhat a challenge as I barely use split tone in Adobe Lightroom but after moving the dial back and forth and in different ways, I am beginning to see the effects it can create.

Here in all photos taken, split tone effects put in place are almost unnoticeable. The 'Cool Chili' has the extreme case.

Time to Fade
Hot Chili
Cool Chili
Bulbs of Hues
Lone Elk
Leafy Blues
Red Dawn
Split Rug
Half & Half

My office wall above is actually more of a dull blue. But here it was Iintensified with highlights and shadow.

Just for the record, I do not fancy split tone but it sure makes me think of that bold blue the next time we paint the interior. 

Week 12 which I am already in; the theme is Artistic - Orange!

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Raja Vanathandavar

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