Cyclops & Celebrities By Evan Koscinski and Ben Dottle

Background: In ancient Greek mythology, Cyclopes were one-eyed giants. Cyclopes were masters at building, and had powerful skills. They were put into the world to help build, and create things. They were very strong, and skilled creatures. Cyclopes were tough and great at fighting.

Celebrity: A celebrity that has many of the same traits as a Cyclops is Jack Sheppard. Jack is a character from the TV show Lost. He played a pivotal role as the leader, and everyone counted on him. He was very skilled with his hands. He could build things, he could fight, and he was a doctor. Jack was tough, and never gave up on anything.


  • Both great at building, and working with their hands.
  • Both great fighters
  • People counted on them to do many things
  • Both very helpful to people
  • Both very tough

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