A long journey to a India call center BY: NaShaun SHEFFIELD

One day I had a dream of going some where else I didn't know exactly where but some where cool. Then my mom said we're going to India but first we had to learn about India. We learned that there were over 1.2 billion people there. I thought to my self that, that was a lot of people but not a lot of space.

But soon after we learned that we took a plane to India I feel sad for the people there I wanted to do something about it they lived in little homes close together and had no privacy. So I helped when I was there I helped by clean the water. After I did that I went to see what kind of jobs they had the one I was most interested in the call centers. They had to change there name so people the people who do nothing but call to complane about something stupid yell at them and have to learn English and it has to be good English. We don't every speak proper english.

But it's cool because we give them jobs so they can somewhat achieve getting a better home. But if I was working at that job I would be fired. But I understand that they have to make money to live. After I went to explore India I went home and told everyone. And told them that it was cool to see how people have to do what they have to do to live and provide for themselves and there family's so they can have the beat life. It was the best trip I've ever go on. I hope to do it again.


Created with images by Saptarshi Biswas - "Call Centre Guy" • CircaSassy - "A short history of England (1921)"

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