spring break

for spring break me and my friend mac, went to the Bahamas it was beautiful when we first got there it looked very poor and all the people looked beat up and mean. when we first made it to the house the first thing I did was khanoe.
we did a lot of things but I am only going to name a few after we khanoed the next day we went to cheaaters restaurant it was very good and all the people were nice
the third day we went scuba diving it was wonderful we saw lots of fish and animals under the sea
the 4th day we just relaxed the whole day
the 5th day we got in a car accident going to the cheaters again that took up the whole day up trying to figure it out and so many people helped us trying to find our way
then the 6th day we went to the tropic of cancer it was also very beautiful we also saw the pigs on another island
on the 7th day we were ready to leave and we did the end


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