Step by Step a digital cover letter Kevin GRant

Passionate, Caring, Changing

An individual seeking to serve others and learn. I thrive in team oriented environments where I can work in collaboration with others. Join me on a visual tour of images that describe me.

Leading "Gael Playground" fitness session @ Joseph L. Alioto Recreation Center

Currently, I serve as the Director of Recreation Fitness at Saint Mary's College. I lead programming for fitness, aquatics, outdoor adventures and indoor rock climbing.

My goal each year is to add something substantive to my resume. I spent nine days in Houston, Texas for Superbowl 51. I spent a little time with the Vince Lombardi Trophy as well.

Here I am pictured with my team of managers at SB51. We oversaw seven interactive games; some days we served a fan base of over 25,000 people.

In March of 2015, my journey in recreation and fitness began with the opening of the Joseph L. Alioto Recreation Center at Saint Mary's College.

My role as Director of Rec. Fitness has expanded my professional bounds.

Here I am, ensuring the safety of the climbing wall equipment during a regular safety check.

As organized of Outdoor Adventures, I have explored what it means to be a student by placing myself in situations where I learn alongside our students.

Picture taken on our ferry across the bay during our "Urban Hike" event in 2016.

I used my role to bring others together. Picture taken on a team bonding hike.

Aside from my work responsibilities, I look to engage the college community. I enjoy working with students and colleagues to create a more inclusive atmosphere.

I organize monthly luncheons for black male student/staff/faculty community building.

Prior to my role in recreation, I worked as an equipment manager. My leadership included the oversight of equipment operations at Saint Mary's College as well as assisting at San José State University in a similar role.

Devoted to serving others in order to build a better community.

Flash performance with Fraternity Brothers on the campus of UCDavis (circa 2011).

As a 2013 graduate of University of California, Davis, I honed skills in several leadership positions on campus. I focused on colonial and Latin American history. My favorite professor was Alan Taylor; an excellent story teller.

In the end, my family is center. As a husband and father, I learn a lot each day. I am beyond fortunate.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me.

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