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Raised on the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Co. I was exposed to cannabis my last year in high school. Little did I know that this would forever change the trajectory of my life. In 2007 I began to search out patients to help ease the burden of their ailments. The notion that this plant I had begun to know could do things that the medical establishment could not was mind blowing. I will never forget the first person that cured their cancer with my cannabis.

I have been in grow rooms since 2000 and managing my own since 2007. I rely upon a philosophy of biomimicry to be my guide in making decisions, making sure each step is as earth friendly as possible. Although I am versed in the use of liquid fertilizers, I prefer traditional methods that farmers have utilized for centuries. My mission in this industry is to empower as many growers as I can with the knowledge of natural farming.

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