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Clear quartz strengthens all energies, helps positive inner and outer intentions, creates a calm aura, and enhances strength for personal growth. Quartz increases clarity of thought while sharpening perception and enhancing memory.

Rose quartz instils a sense of balance and calmness to promote love and compassion. This stone of love and compassion gently cleanses to promote self-confidence.

Citrine activates creativity and intelligence, boosts confidence, and increases personal power. Citrine promotes a positive mental attitude.

Carnelian's grounding nature stimulates courage, confidence, and protection while helping to ground thoughts and emotions.

Selenite balances emotions and all spiritual a metaphysical wellness. Selenite is used to increase good luck and protection.

Black tourmaline—a grounding stone—helps repel and block negative energy to create positive environments.

Amethyst promotes peace and ingenuity. It’s a protectant stone which helps to repel negativity while increasing the user's sense of harmony. Amethyst is also beneficial in neutralizing pain.

Fluorite cleanses and supports calmness and harnesses positivity. This stone is known for cleansing your aura and helping you harness the power of your mind through higher vibration and higher consciousness.

Pyrite has been long seen as a strong protection stone. It shields the user from negative energy as well as promoting a physical and metaphysical well-being.

Garnet—known as a stone of security—helps you manifest strength, courage, and perseverance. Garnet will keep the user grounded to earth while providing psychic protection.

Angelite raises the state of awareness and telepathically helps one to connect to their higher self. It is known to help communicate with those who have passed on, as well as feeling their presence.

Petalite, sometimes known as Angel's stone, is used for a vision quest. It uses a higher vibration to connect to Angels as well as repelling negative energies.

Aquamarine—the stone of good fortune—creates optimism, creativity, and clear perception. Aquamarine allows the user to remain calm and level-headed in difficult situations, connecting back to its roots as a water stone.

Moonstone is commonly known as a stone of the divine feminine. Moonstone helps emotional understanding and protection, increases intuition, and promotes self-discovery.

Kyanite is often used in meditation to protect your inner awareness and psychic abilities. As a healing stone, kyanite removes inner blockages and negative attitudes.

Peacock ore is a stone of a beauty and power, used for innovation and creative expression. Additionally, peacock ore is a stone of happiness and well-being, turning the user in positive directions by channelling happiness to other.

Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calm the user in times of extreme stress. It is also an incredibly protective stone and is known for its grounding properties.

Zircon is a healing stone which grounds the user and clears auras. Zircon is known to give wisdom and bring sleep in times of stress, and can even attract love.

Calcite increases and amplifies energy. This stone can aid in healing as well as connecting the spiritual body with the physical body.

Quartz points are beneficial for metaphysical properties. Quartz points expand consciousness and facilitate open communication by stimulating the chakras.

Tigers eye aids in the clarity of perception and helps create strength and balance. It can help release fear and anxiety as well as instilling a sense of harmony in the user.

Unakite provides an abundant and nurturing aura of green while also providing the caring and passionate pink. Unakite is essential for healing both the heart and the mind.

Copper ore originates from the Roman goddess of love, beauty, and creativity. Copper ore increases energy and mental agility while providing physical benefits.

Lepidolite heals and eases feelings of anxiety. This is a transitional stone which assists in the release and reorganization of old behaviors and unhealthy psychological patterns.

Sodalite stabilizes the mind and calms emotions. It is a stone deeply connected with the heart, making it easier to attain inner peace. Sodalite additionally facilitates logical thinking.

Crystal pyramids are used in the healing of the heart, the mind, and the soul. They use universal energies which are magnified by the sacred geometric pattern of the pyramid.

Crystal obelisks symbolize the journey of the spirit from the earthly world to the more metaphysical spiritual world. Crystal obelisks are helpful in communication and higher thinking.

While selenite is a soft mineral, a selenite tower magnifies its power. A selenite tower stabilizes and balances the mind and soul, opening the spirit to allow clear thinking and open thought.

Celestite: the Angel's Stone or Visionary stone, is an excellent gem for artists, musicians, designers and all who need to stimulate creativity and expand their ideas. This crystal teaches patience and perfect trust while instilling a profound sense of peace and acceptance of gifts from the divine.

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