Diary of a Ready Woman Compiled by Nekisha Michelle


Why, Diary of a Ready Woman

“The comeback is always better than the setback.”

Diary of a Ready WomanBouncing back from pitfalls and disasters in my life has been challenging. From being a mother at fourteen to walking out the door on my first husband in 2009 with a three-year-old. In 2016, I had an epiphany, an Oprah A-ha moment. I wanted to use the power of media and publishing to influence healing, soul growth, and positivity thinking in the life of others experiencing difficult emotional situations. Telling my story wasn't enough, I was hungry to find compelling stories of other women who also passed through pitfalls and personal tragedies . I was looking for women with the gift to turn pain into passion and profits as I did.

I recruited and interviewed women relentlessly for nearly five months. Scouting for women willing to share their story of heartbreak, invest their time, and expertise in a book collaboration. Many women came forward, but only those connected to The Ready Woman vision stayed the course.

Through unity, passion, and perseverance, I am proud to present what will be an annual gift to women all over the world for International Women’s Day, the book, Diary of a Ready Woman.

In Bliss, (Beauty, Love, Intuition, Sensuality, & Significance)

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Foreword by Double- Emmy Award Winner & OWN"S Greenleafs "Uncle Mac", GregAlan Williams


Thirteen brave women, Lavette Cherie, Dr. Carla Lindsay, Amber G., L'Divine Holland, Clarissa Foster, LaTonya Spates, Marla Fowlkes, Sharonda Grandberry, Sharice Porter, Syrita Lindsey, Kimberly C. Brown, Angela AJ Thompson, and Nekisha Michelle share their private moments of failure, self-destruction, and personal tragedies.

Respective of their blemished past, what they have in common is the inner resolve and acceptance to use those defining moments as valuable life lessons. The lessons these phenomenal women learned gave them the ingenuity to create current lives of substance, value, and empowerment for themselves, their families and others. The relentless characteristics of these women make them The Ready Woman Society.

The Ready Woman Society emotionally, logically, and spiritually owns that a quality ready woman is resourceful at turning her problems and challenges into a platform for love, happiness, income, and influence. Their collection of personal diaries make up this book, known as Diary of a Ready Woman; I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through Because My Comeback is Better than My Setback. Diary of a Ready Woman is a collaborative sequel to the book, The Ready Woman by visionary, Nekisha Michelle Kee.

-"You can't stop a Ready Woman"


Nekisha Michelle Kee, MSW, (aka Nasira) Is the world’s most beloved Plus-Size Love Doyenne, Matchmaker and owner of Ultimate Match Agency.

She's been featured in everything from Ebony, Black Enterprise, Upscale, Rolling Out, Success, Plus Model Magazine, to being a TV Personality on OWN and HGTV. Nekisha Michelle is a contributor to the Huff Post and a mother and a wife.

Nekisha-Michelle redesigned her life after being a social worker and in non-profit administration for over 16 years to share her story and passion of finding real love for herself as a plus-size woman using BLISS. She believes everyone can be happy and have amazing love. “Understanding it is not about a shape or size but having faith and an irresistible state of mind.”

Nekisha is a lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and received her bachelor degree from Virginia State University (HBCU) and a Masters of Social Work in 1999 from the University of Cincinnati. She is the wife to Boyo and mother of Ciera and Izzy. Nekisha Michelle carries a powerful inspiring voice, engaging personality, and passion for helping others create an amazing life.

Nekisha is the author of The Ready Woman, How to Bounce Back from Adversity, Redesign Your Life for Amazing Love and Real Happiness. As well as the Visionary of Diary of A Ready Woman.


Beware of a wolf in sheep clothing!

Sharonda Grandberry is a published fashion stylist in Queen size magazine, and as a plus-size model in FemmePlus and Woman of More Magazine. October 2016, Sharonda was also announced as the winner in the Curvy and Fabulous model of the month on all social media sites belonging to Cynthia Bailey, star of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sharonda was named “Miss Alabama Black Expo 2017.

LaVette Cherie, is a Poet, Actress, Writer, and Elocutionist. LaVette has poetry published in Z Publishing’s “California’s Best Emerging Poets” LaVette has work appearing or forthcoming in several theatre venues, including her poems recently featured in a Nina Child’s Production play “The Bridge.”She also performs in local venues to spread love through her poetry, ghostwriting and currently working on her first album. LaVette’s style is very eclectic! LaVette loves reaching all people around the world.

Dr. Carla Lindsay resides in Atlanta Georgia. She completed her undergraduate studies at Eastern Kentucky University. After only three years of undergrad, she enrolled at Southern College of Optometry where she received her Bachelors in Biology and Doctor of Optometry degrees. Dr. Lindsay has been in Georgia for 21 years and has been practicing for over 20 years. After being in many modes of practice including retail, employed, and private; she opened her practice, EyeMax VisionCare Group (inside Pearle Vision), in 2007.

There is always another way!

Marla Fowlkes is a Smooches Brand Ambassador and Plus Size Model for the Smooches Movement in the DMV-Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Marla empowers women in the “curvy” community. She shows women how to build confidence and put themselves first. Marla believes when women realize that they are beautiful, it becomes the most important step in loving themselves. Marla is also an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics. She uses her products and services to enhance the lives of women and to empower them financially.

Leslie aka L' Divine Holland has ten siblings, five in which she grew up with, three sisters and two brothers. Something unique about her is that one of the siblings is her identical twin sister Erin Holland. Leslie and Erin were child actresses playing on the famous America sitcom television show “The Jefferson’s” swapping, playing the character of Lionel's daughter, “Baby Jessica.”

Angela Thompson, is the CEO of a successful asset management company. A VP of a Real Estate investment company and a business development investor. The CEO of marriagemindedonly.com. Angela is also a record producer with her first contribution on “Lift” from award-winning artist Akia Uwanda.

You get rid of toxins in your life not by starting new but by shutting down something old!

Amber G. is the author of the compelling series “Mergers and Acquisitions.” In her second self-published novel “Game Faces On M&A2.” Her mission is to write about characters who examine their lives, their hopes, fears, and motivations. Characters that will linger with you long after the story is over. She dreams that one day the Mergers & Acquisitions series will become an internet series or motion picture.

Clarissa Foster, at the age of 30, Clarissa became the youngest black female CEO in the State of Ohio to own and operate an escrow and title insurance agency. The employer of over a dozen full-time staffers and independent notary closers, Clarissa’s goal was to ensure that her firm, Shaker Title Services Corporation, was not only a leader in the industry but also held a reputation for quality of service and integrity of the products offered. Clarissa is a contributing author of “Permission to Speak,” a compilation of writings sponsored by the City of Cleveland.

Sharice Porter, while in school she wrote for “The Pioneer”-the campus newspaper and had aspirations of becoming a published author and speaker. Those hopes were realized in July of 2016 when she became a featured author in the book compilation “Breaking through Barriers.” Through her books and motivational speaking, her mission is to inspire and empower girls and women to understand that even though there may be some scars in life with time scars do heal.

Believe in yourself first!

LaTonya Spates has risen from the ashes of a difficult life beginning and excels as a master hair stylist and full-figured model living in Norfolk Virginia. Blessed with two beautiful children Azaria and Elijah who are her inspiration. You may have seen LaTonya as a contestant for Cycle 2 of Curvy Idol, Full-Figured Fierce Face of August 2016, or as a model for Virginia Full Figured Fashion Week. LaTonya was busy in the 4th Annual Heartbeat Gala, Fifty Shades of Shears Hair and Fashion Show, and as the face of "Queen of the Curves", September 2017.

Syrita Lindsey MBA, BSN, RN is a native of Columbus, Ohio. She completed her undergraduate studies at Otterbein University. Syrita is a Service Servant for her community as a Registered Nurse. She has worked in various capacities as a nurse in both private and public sectors. Nursing is her passion.

Kimberly Brown, is the owner of Nanny Kim on the Go, an experienced Professional Nanny Training & Parent Consultant Agency, based in Northern New Jersey. Her business offers supportive services to parents on how to hire and train qualified, attentive, and experienced nannies. Past and current clientele includes well-known television news anchors, philanthropists, millionaires, and The Saudi Royal Family.

The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate!


INTRODUCTION | Dying to be a Ready Woman | By Nekisha Michelle

I will never forget the 21-hour drive from Houston Texas to Los Angeles CA. I packed everything I could in my Mercedes Benz S500, to include my then three-year-old daughter in her car seat kicking her feet to the Donald Lawrence "Confessions" CD I had on loop…

Diary Entry 1 | The Best is Yet to Come | By Sharice Porter

“Repeat after me, God hates divorce I will not divorce you,” spoke Senior Pastor Jemmings. My soon to be husband and I immediately looked at one another and turned around and faced the congregation in disbelief...

Diary Entry 2 | Woman in The Mirror | By LaVette Cherie

As I looked in the mirror I saw nothing, and nothing was familiar to me, I no longer recognized what I saw. The horror story of my life began, as though my thoughts raced, but truly it was the beginning of my renaissance…

Diary Entry 3 | Living Past that Moment | By Clarissa Foster

August 11th, 2008 started off like any other day. My alarm clock, which was set only for the weekdays, sounded at precisely 6:30 a.m. Like always, I would grab the remote, tune into the local news to see what was happening in Cleveland…

Diary Entry 4 | The Wealthy Bitch | By Angela AJ Thompson

I wasn't trying to kill myself the day I ran in front of his car. I was just mad and wanted to shake him up. Let him know how much he was hurting me. He was the person who, for 15 years, never wanted to see me hurt, but he was tearing my heart out piece by piece…

Co-Authors Book Launch in Atlanta, GA

Diary Entry 5 | Companion of Fools | By Amber G.

Having been forced into a hell, I can attest I believe he would have killed me if he hadn't dropped his gun. The police were on site escorting me to the ER. My neighbor saved my life; instinct had him swooping that weapon up…

Diary Entry 6 | All Tied Up | By L’ Divine Holland

I was pregnant about seven or eight months by Mr. the man I loved and believed loved me. Mr. came to visit, and we had sex, then we roll played which he loved to do during sex, at least that is what I thought we were doing…

Diary Entry 7 | And Then I Woke Up | By Kimberly C. Brown

I woke up, in my bed, crying hysterically, screaming: “My aunt is dead! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” In my mind, I didn't know if I had already missed the funeral or how many days it had been since she passed. While in grief and thought, I felt a touch on my arm, and a voice from under the sheets said…

Diary Entry 8 | H.U.N.T.E.R. | By Marla Fowlkes

And then she was gone. My baby was dead. Her lifeless body lying in the hospital operating bed-- with glassy eyes facing me in a still glare. I was devastated. How could this have happened? How could my 7.2 oz. baby not be alive? My husband Kevin stood there in disbelief with tears in his eyes…

Diary Entry 9 | In My Father’s House | By Syrita Lindsey

I awaken in the emergency room laying in a hospital bed. When I was able to focus, there were a couple of cops in the room standing what appeared to be on guard. I scanned the remains of the room and realized that they were perhaps there for me? What the what? Suddenly, I had to pee…

Diary Entry 10| Broken Pieces in a Strong Frame| By Sharonda Grandberry

It was a hot summer day the humidity was so thick you could hardly breathe. I asked my grandmother if we could go swimming, she said, “yes.” I was responsible for ensuring my sister, brother, and cousin arrived at the pool safely. Wiregrass Recreation pool was the place where everyone hangs out, especially the cute boys…

Diary Entry 11 | May I Have Your Attention | By Dr. Carla Lindsay

Rushed to the hospital by my friends, I had taken my college roommate’s pills, and nobody knew how many. I was drunk and mad because the guy I liked didn't want anything serious with me. It made me feel invisible. Let's just say, being rushed to the hospital was only the beginning of looking for love in all the wrong places…

Diary Entry 12 | No, Not My Cherry | By LaTonya Spates

I ran to the window and looked out in disbelief… it was gone! The reliable transportation I had for my two children and me, it was my pride, I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into my car. Still, in a tank top and pajama bottoms, I rushed outside to see if it was true. My life was a dreadful nightmare because everything I worked so diligently for was gone…

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