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Welcome to The Art of You. This is a space for you to reclaim your beauty, discover your potential, and share it with the world. Here you can learn the skills and techniques to uncover your authentic self and create the life you love. Simply Walk You Talk, live your dreams, and let them lead the way. Following your dreams doesn't need to be a lonely path either - you can join our community of Sun Sisters - find your tribe of like-minded creative women, and share your art with the world.

Let me introduce myself.

Namaste! My name is Vanessa Tucker I am a Life Artist. I created 'The Art of You' for women who are ready to answer their creative calling and discover their story of greatness. My work is Shamanic in nature - heart-centred, creative, with a focus on energy as medicine. It distills my twenty-five years knowledge in healing, teaching, psychology, theatre & therapy, and is based upon my personal creative and spiritual journey. You can book one to one sessions with me and read my personal journey of transformation at

Trust your stirring heart, you’ll see it is guiding you to rise up and take your place.

Let's get started...

How do you start to uncover the Art of You ?

Walk Your Talk

Uncover your gold. Start by creating a vision of yourself that you fall truly, madly, deeply, in love with.

Here's how...

You can join Walk Your Talk Retreats, Workshops & Courses designed specifically to help you discover your story of greatness, create a life you love and share your beauty with the world.

To create anything we must first provide it with the best possible conditions to grow and flourish.

I designed the Walk Your Talk Retreats, courses, and workshops held in India - Kerala and the UK - Cornwall/Devon for this purpose - to provide you with the best conditions, support and guidance to start your journey to greatness.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful adventure - Surround yourself with swaying palms, soothing waves and cardamon scented air. Let the Arabian sea wash away the old, and bring in the new, as you nourish, nurture, and spice up your spirit.

Make friends for life - We need inspiration, guidance and friendship to support us in times of change, and to play with in times of joy.

Reconnect your body, mind & spirit. Learn to listen to the whole you.

Explore your life patterns and understand how they shape you. Then intentionally create new ones full of beauty.

Empower yourself- learn to work with and cultivate high quality energy. Become familiar with Meditation, Shamanic principles, Reiki Healing, Yoga, Chi Gong, and use them to dance your dreams to life.

Know yourself- unleash the divine you. An ever-unfolding work of art, beautiful in the moment and growing as a masterpiece every day.

Take your first step. Head over to Walk Your Talk Retreats, workshops & Courses website and live life like it's golden.

Want to Grab a chai? Flick through the 2017 Walk Your Talk Retreats Brochure in your own time.

Walk Your Talk Retreats India - relaxed and fun with 9 rooms only a few footsteps from the beach.
Do you have any questions?

Your masterpiece can bring fresh hope to the world. This empowering position is often excruciatingly uncomfortable to hold at first, mainly due to feelings of unworthiness – that doubt of “who am I to raise myself up?”. If you are hesitating and want to chat - send me an email.

With the right guidance and support you can break down your personal limitations, awaken your natural powers, and rise up to be seen in all your exquisite beauty.

Discover your tribe of supportive Sun Sisters. A place for women to unite - inspire, share, encourage and support each other.

Join the Sun Sisters tribe here.

Created By
Vanessa Tucker


Photos Vanessa Tucker & Mano Guillemot

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