To Kill a Mockingbird Bryce O'Connor

Scout and Jem find items in the knothole - Scout's Perspective

Yesterday, Jem said he was walking around when he found some things in a knothole by our house. Jem says he doesn't know where they came from. I think they're special though. Jem told me how once he found two soap dolls that look just like us! Another time, there was a broken watch. Definitely nothing crazy expensive. I want to leave something for the stranger. I want to give him something back, we will head there tomorrow to look for new things and then I'll decide. A part of me wants to tell Dill, I mean how cool is this! But Jem always tells me that I need to tell no one about this. I don't see what all the fuss is about, It's just dolls and a watch. Maybe i can convince him to tell Dill. (The next day) We went today and we saw Nathan and he was covering the darn hole up! I was angry at that man for ruining our fun. I went to Atticus and he was just as confused as we were.

Bob Yule Attempting to Kill Jem and Scout - Bo Radley's Perspective.

I've been sitting in this room, for as long as I can remember. I call it a curse. A curse that I've been destined a fate of solitude. This night though I was sitting by my upstairs window. Just looking out, when all of the sudden I saw my children, Jem and Scout walking home. I tried to stay out of sight, but then all of a sudden I saw something happen. A bigger man showed up and started causing a ruckus. I ran there as fast as my legs could take me and grabbed a hold of that man, I didn't want to hurt him, i just wanted him away from these kids. All of the sudden he had fallen over, blood dripping. I found Jem, the older boy, and carried him home. I care about these kids. I would do anything, but the curse has forced me to never be with them. As quickly as they had come, i had to return.

Court Trial Ending - Calpurnia's Perspective

I thought that I would never live to see the day when a black man stood side by side a white in the court of law. None the less a white man that cared. This man was special, he had this way of carrying himself that was never cocky, but always presentable, and respectable. The court failed him, this disease broke the will of a man and the ability of another. When the words fell into the air, "Guilty", it felt like i was getting stabbed. Like there was one more nail in every black person's coffin there. We stood because that man deserves every inch of our respect in every capacity. Why, we all stood because he is our hero. He wears a suit not a cape and speaks with a slight, deep, southern tone, and his power is his wit. But that man is my hero. Although the rest of this town may not... the disease has taken a lot of good people.

Cal Taking the Kids to Church - Jem's Perspective

I've never been to a black church ever. I always thought that it was kinda the same, just not a bunch of white folk. When I got in there, it was wonderful, a different atmosphere. Yet some people kinda looked at me funny. It took me a while to realize it was because I was white. I always thought that racism worked one way, but in fact, the skin attached to your bones can be seen by anyone. After some people kinda looked at me funny It started to become fun, the rest of the people were super nice and supportive. I loved Cal for taking us. Yet this whole church experience didn't really go over well with others, when we got home Aunt Alexandria found out and yelled at us for going, she also told us that we were not allowed to go back. Scout put up a fight, and I'll applaud her for that, but Atticus stuck to his guns and said that Aunt Alexandra can say that, and that her word carries weight. So i guess we wont be going back anytime soon.


From this assignment, i was really able to delve into the characters of the book. I find it easy to read into a character that has been written for you, but to actually take what you know about that character and make your own call about it's behavior is a whole new ballpark. I really was able to figure out the inner working of each of the characters in the book. I think that the reason Mr Crooke created this assignment was to challenge each of us to understand and comprehend the character more. Each of us were to really look into the book and character to accurately determine how characters reacted in certain situations. I found this to be really educational experience that allowed students to delve into the characters and stories on a new level. Like looking at someone other than Scout, like Bo Radley. You need to look into who he is as a person and see what was going through his head during a certain moment, which is something that the story does not explicitly say.

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