Higgins Middle School Summer Math 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I think we can all agree that this school year has been like one we have never seen before. This year Higgins would like to take a different approach to our summer math program. Though this program is not required, we are encouraging all students to participate to keep their minds sharp and try to avoid that summer slide. We are utilizing an online platform called Prodigy Math. We are encouraging each child to complete 60 minutes per week on the program. This is a game based program that is self paced based on your child’s ability level. Students can log into prodigy math by going to: play.prodigygame.com once there your child will use his/hers google account from school to log in. If it is their first time using the program he/she will have to create an avatar and name it to begin. Students do not need to link to a teacher so don’t worry about that.

Below is a message from Prodigy about this year's Summer Quest!

Hi class! Our friends at Prodigy wanted me to let you know that starting NOW you can join the Prodigy Summer Question Quest with other wizards around the world! The goal is to answer 500 million questions by August 31, 2020. (Plus, they told me that if you all work together and complete the quest, you’ll get a special loot drop!)

Any questions about the game please feel free to contact me (Christa Shea Math Facilitator at Higgins) at sheac@peabody.k12.ma.us


Created with an image by Chris Liverani - "Exam"