Frederick C. Branch By: Elleana Roseburgh and Andrew Sanders

Frederick C Branch was the first black man to be a part of the USMC during WW2. Mr. Branch was a courageous, selfless, committed man who continued to impress those who denied his appliance to the USMC. With the use of his intelligence, skills, and hard work, he continually impressed those around him. Once he proved his potential, those above him in ranks allowed him to joint the USMC making him a trailblazer. A trailblazer who started the acceptance of black soldiers into higher ranks which have secured a better future for us all.

Frederick C Branch and death are alike. Death has a connection with people. He carries the souls from earth to eternity. He's the one who helped people get somewhere. In a way that is similar to Frederick C Branch because he is the one who got black people into the military. He had this connection with them. Frederick made black people from having simple jobs to putting them somewhere better or worse depending on how they felt. He showed them a new perspective as did death.

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