Strong passwords BY aiden 4-201

Don't put your password to be EASY to guess because someone would crack your code and know anything personal.
Don't use a password from the dictionary because they will just go in the dictionary and use guess any word possible!
Use at least 8 characters because it would be very long and they probrolly guess 4-7 characters. For example like a pin its ONLY 4 numbers and thats way to short and if you used 8 they will never guess it.


NEVER put private information to ether login or for a passwords. A good reason would be for Facebook its telling you to put your EMAIL and PASSWORD and a email tells anything or anyone what your name is, where you put your stuff in like icloud,gmail or anything like that so NEVER GIVE YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION AWAY!
anloy give parents your passwords.
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Aiden Diaz


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