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In this book " The kite runner" The author Khaled Hosseini writes about a family in Afghanistan . The main character amir struggles throughout his whole life to get over the wrong he did to his child hood friend Hassan. Hosseini develops this topic throughout the novel by relaying back in amir's head that he can do good again by making up to his mistakes. His past mistake is the whole reason and motive for the story.
At the very beggining of the book we start with amir,and him living in america. He recieves a phone call from a childhood role model, Rahim khan. Just before he hangs up , khan tells amir "There is a way to be good again ." (pg. 2) Khan wants amir to come back to Afghanistan to man up to what he did wrong . The following chapters go back in time to when Amir and Hassan get into an altercation with Assef, The neighborhood bully. Assef asks why Amir calls Hassan his "friend" but in amirs mind he thought " but he's not my friend! I almost blurted . He's my servant ! " (pg.41) Although hassan has no clue Amir thinks this , It still makes Amir that he actually felt that way about Hassan.
Throughout their childhood, Amir continues to neglect Hassan. In a scene after Amir wins the kite fight. Hassan goes to retrieve the kite , while going after it he runs into Assef and the other bullies. After a while of confrontation , Assef pursues to rape the defenseless Hassan. Amir had the chance to help Hassan but " In the end , I ran. I ran because i was a coward." (pg.77) After he ran , he decided not to speak of the situation to his father or anyone else. This made him even more of a coward.Later on , Amir tries to frame Hassan and his Father by taking his watch and some money and hiding it in their living quarters.'' My heart sank and I almost blurted out the truth , Then i understood : This was Hassan's final sacrifice for me." (pg.105) Even though Hassan knew the truth, he gave Amir the benefit cause Hassan knew that Baba would never forgive Amir.
After all this, Amir and Baba move to america and leave Hassan and Ali back in Afghanistan. While there amir realizes that "for me, America was a place to bury my memories. For Baba, a place to mourn his. " Amir thinks that America is a great place for him to put the wrongs behind him. But in reality he keeps thinking about the mistakes. It later flashes back to present day, back to when Amir needed to be good again. amir accepts and goes back to Afghanistan. While there, he finds out that Hassan's son "Sohrab'' is in a foster home. So to make it up to Hassan, who was killed by the talaban, He sets out to get sohrab back. In the end After a lot of conflict, he finds sohrab and brings him back to america.
This overall connection about Amirs past causes this to reoccur in amirs life . Hosseini develops this well be relaying this throughout the entire story.


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