Electronic Bracelet By talia foresta

Things you will need

Your electronic bracelet will need certain materials

You will need:

  1. LED lights
  2. Buttons
  3. Felt
  4. Conductive thread
  5. Battery
Coin cell battery
Metal button snaps
Conductive thread

Designing my circuit

While making my bracelet I had to lay out how my design was going to work

How does it work?

In order to make the bracelet work, the negative hole on the light has to be connected to to the negative hole on the lilypad and the positive hole has to be connected to the positive side of the light. If your threads over lap or touch in any way it will make a problem called a short circuit. This makes the current stop and not work functionally.


No, I did not make any modifications. I was pretty firmilar to these circuits from freshman year engineering class because of that I didn't have modifications because I had experience.

Tips to help

Make a drawing of your circuit design before

Make sure no conductive threads are touching or overlapping!

As shown the threading is close but not touching opposite charges

End result!


Created with images by Mark Morgan Trinidad B - "Maxell 3V Battery" • ♕ Lilla Coelho - "felt"

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