Caplor Horizons Quarterly Update March 2017


This quarter sees us to the end of our second year of our current strategy and into the beginning of our third and final year. With the end of the year comes a new impact report, with thanks to Ben and Simon (Oldroyd)

The full version of this year's impact report can be read here

We though that reaching the end of another year required a bit of refection on what has been achieved this year:

  • The breadth and depth of our resources and tools is now significantly greater than it was
  • We are achieving wider, more strategic impact and greater influence through strategic partnerships and collaborations
  • We have managed to retain and increase the number of remarkable individuals who contribute their time as Advisors

Below is a summary of how these three points have been reflected over the past three months as well as what upcoming activities are on the horizon...

Breadth and Depth of our Resources

We have been very fortunate this quarter to have remarkable input from Professor Sharon (Turnbull), Ann (Alder) and Clive (Hyland) in developing a wealth of resources.

Sharon has created 6 insightful papers and videos each supporting our Essentials. Ann has produced a wonderful array of documents providing both practical and informative guidance on topics linked to the Caplor House. These are all freely available on our Forum.

In addition, Ann has worked with Clive to produce an exciting new approach to leadership that provides another lens through which to analyse and understand ourselves and others. This Human Horizons approach blends neuroscience with leadership. You can read about it here:

We continue to develop, explore and distribute these resources at our Caplor Community days - of which we had the first in February. On this day Clive and Ann led us through the new developments in Human Horizons.

Strategic Impact and Wider Influence

Over the past three months we have continued our work with various and diverse clients, totaling 46 clients since 2014. Below are some examples of the work we have been doing with a variety of clients in the past three months:

Most significantly, we were fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with Dóchas and The Wheel, to umbrella bodies for the Irish NGO and voluntary sectors, to engage Liz and Charles Handy in various events in London.

We are incredibly privileged to have Liz and Charles Handy as supporters. Being able to partner with them at National events such as these give Caplor Horizons a large profile as well as enables us to get our message out to a wide audience.

As a result of these events in Dublin, we have forged positive relationships with some major charities in Ireland who we hope to be able to work with in the future.

In addition to this Dublin event, we have continued our work with INASP, a very significant strategic collaboration for us that will cover four countries and multiple engagements. This time we were in Ghana and Zimbabwe working with members of the Library Consortia to strengthen their strategy and leadership.

Feedback from these forums was overwhelmingly positive

"The programme has been an eye-opener for strategic development
"It will go a long way to strengthen our commitment to the course of CARLIGH"
"Today's experience has contributed to my personal learning in the areas of creativity, collaboration, as well as team work."

This on going collaboration will be involving a diverse range of Advisors in each of the countries throughout the year. For example, Denise (Mulligan), Chandra (Ladwa) and Will (Olding) will all be involved in delivering Forums in the future.

Also in Africa we were fortunate enough to work with inspiring and responsible businesses, Afrinut and Valid Nutrition in Malawi. Helping Afrinut to shape how they work with small scale farmers across Malawi and supporting Valid Nutrition with reviewing its strategy and leadership as it strives to create much needed therapeutic foods for malnourished children.

On top of this work, Peter (Moore) led on a project with United Purpose in Malawi as a continuation of the work we did with the previously to support their multi-year, holistic development proposal.

In addition to this, we have continued our work with Haygrove and the Leadership Programme, with sessions on sustainability and emotional intelligence led by Hannah (Newcombe) and Liza (Bewick).

Furthermore, we have now started a similar programme with the Marketing Agency, Cognition. This work allows us to involve many of our Advisors in each of the monthly sessions as well as provide us with income to support our work with small charities.

In connection with our work in Mbale, Uganda with the Welsh Government and Mbale Coalition Against Poverty (Mbale CAP) led by Usha (Ladwa-Thomas), we have been working with the members of PONT - a voluntary organisations that works in partnership to support Mbale CAP. We will be continuing to engage with Mbale CAP in the future.

Closer to home, we have spent time supporting our local playgroup with its financial plan.

The support we receive from The Waterloo Foundation enables us to work with small organisations such as PONT and our local playgroup who would otherwise not be able to have access to such support.

Retaining Remarkable People

This year we now have 56 Advisors who all contribute to Caplor Horizons. We have managed to retain the same Advisors from the beginning of our journey as well as expand with welcoming others. This is because relationships are at the heart of how we work

We have focused on our relationships in a number of ways this quarter

Firstly, we are carrying our Talent Team Reviews with each one of Advisors to hear how they have found their experience with Caplor Horizons and what we can do in the future to improve. These reviews are being carried out by our Talent Team - led by Sandy Hanson and Liv Sawyer

Feedback so far from our Advisors has been wonderful and has captured the sense of family within our community:

“it feels like a family at the Caplor Community days, I’ve got really good friends there – some old some much more recent. Even when new people join, you immediately feel that they are part of the team. - It’s the energy, but also that fact that the people there share the same values and common purpose”
“everybody matters – whatever you do or say it’s welcomed"
“I really love those days, they’re really inspiring at the end of the day you feel energised”

Recognizing that relationships are fundamental to how we work and to the success of Caplor Horizons, Geoff Cox led a profound exercise and discussion at the last Caplor Community day that aimed to analyse how we maintain our strong relationships and sense of family as we grow and develop in the future.

This year, our team of Advisors have contributed over 580 volunteer days! So a huge appreciation to everyone who has helped us in so many ways.

Overcoming challenges and continuing learning

As well as reflecting on what we have achieved, we also considered what the main challenges we have faced and what the learning has been because of these.

The most important challenge we face is ensuring that our relationships remain positive, effective and diverse.

Second is balancing working in the business with working on the business and thirdly, focusing on all of our strategic priorities, not just the majority.

Our learning from the above is that we need to keep embedding our culture, to keep up momentum on achieivng practical results, and keep our concentration on delivering all five of our strategic proporities

Looking ahead to the Horizon

As we move into the next quarter, and the next year of our strategy, there are several exciting opportunities and activities happening.

We will be beginning a new Leadership Development Programme with the Methodist, London based charity, All We Can, this will involve a number of our Advisors such as Lord Paul (Tyler) and Peter (Moore) and will begin with four sessions throughout next year to help develop the capacity of All We Can as well as share the learning with the organisation's many partners across the world.

We will be working closely with Edmund Rice to help them develop their Global Strategic Direction for the development work of the congregation. This work has stemmed from an ongoing, positive relationship with Edmund Rice and the wider network. For example, recently we worked with the Edmund Rice Network in the UK to help them with their vision and future planning.

Other strategy work we will be involved in in coming months, will be working with SWAN Advocacy, who provide support to individuals who are disadvantaged and experiencing marginalization due to attitudes towards old age, illness or disability.

We are very excited about an opportunity to collaborate with BOND, the UK umbrella body for NGOs. Firstly, we will be leading a session on the 'Evolution of NGO Leadership' at the annual conference in London. As well as working with business leaders over a series breakfast meetings led by Hannah (Newcombe) to explore partnerships between charities and businesses.

We will also be continuing our work to develop Caplor Horizons - notably with discussions and creative thinking over our next strategy from 2018-2021.

In addition to this, we will be hosting our first 'Think Tank Day' with Professor Sharon (Turnbull), focusing on issues relevant to the not-for-profit sector and how we can overcome them. We hope these days will enable us to produce knowledge that is helpful to the sector, increasing our wider influence. We will also use these opportunities as a way of experimenting with new technology as a way of bringing voices and ideas together to create maximum impact.

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