Flip By: Martyn bedford

A boy named Alex lived in the city of London and one night he all the sudden woke up in a different persons body named Phillip. He finds out that he soul swapped with Phillip because they both were connected. They were both born on the same day in the same hospital. Alex got hit by a car and went into coma. When he got hit by the car that is when he soul swapped and Phillip was stuck in Alex's body for 6 months. When he woke in Phillips' body his only thought was going to get back in his body. He had a few bumps in the road when trying to go back but he finally did it.

Alex is in the top right and Phillip is in the bottom right.
Story took place in London.


Created with images by Horia Varlan - "Hardcover book gutter and pages" • BondSupanat - "big ben clock tower landmarks" • Moyan_Brenn - "London" • chrgerhart - "united kingdom clock clock tower" • Unsplash - "alone lake shore" • FirmBee - "office flowers apple"

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