HIMCEN BATTERY INC. "The Real Portable Power Station For Your Boundless Adventures"

Himcen was created not just to fill the marketplace with another product but to serve a purpose along the way. We're mixing our energy for everyday love of adventures & exploration with a vision that is bigger than ourselves, allowing us to give back to the very same Earth we love, & the people it inhabits. Learn more about our company, products, and how you can be a part of our mission for a healthier, safer, & environmentally conscious supporter, all the while having more boundless adventures with Himcen Battery.

Visit us at Enervisionbattery.com, soon to be switched over to Himcenbattery.com


What does this mean for you? Having an Arrow Certification shows our backers that we are ready for production. We are no longer in prototype mode. We have designed, prototyped, and finalized our testings to the best quality and standards currently possible. Expert design engineers at Arrow Electronics thoroughly reviewed our product, making sure that our component list was complete, economic, and utilizing world-class technology. It's our honor to present you with our final product that we have developed and tested for the past 2 years.



CMO, Nexcon Technology - Sr. Global Supply Manager, Apple Inc. - Extensive expertise in Li-ion battery industry with international work across the world including: USA, Korea, Singapore, Mexico, and China.


Scholar of China Academy of Science - 20+ years of R&D career in Li-Ion battery pack industry. Battery cell equalizing technology patent holder (US).


Sr. Sales Director, Lishen Electronics (one of the top 6 Li-ion battery manufacturer in the world). 10+ years of sales and operations management career in Li-ion battery industry.


Sr. Marketing Manager, Lishen Electronics (one of the top 6 Li-ion battery manufacturer in the world).


BFA, Interior Architecture - 5+ years as a Professional Photographer. UX Design Consultant. Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot. Has worked with numerous startup companies. Adventure enthusiast.


Himcen was formed on 3 principles: SAFETY, EFFICIENCY, & SCALABILITY. We call it our SES Model. As experts in the Li-ion battery industry, we set out to create EnerVision with those 3 things in mind.


Danger of Acid Lead Batteries - A Concern for Safety

CEO CK saw a problem with acid lead batteries, along with how generators were causing harmful effects upon the end users as well as the environment itself. Exposures to chemicals contained in batteries can lead to many different health problems, even if there are no physical contact with the acid. Breathing the exposed lead from a leak can cause brain and kidney damage. These batteries also contain a compound called sulfuric acid, which is known to cause severe damage to your skin if contact is made. So the market moved to Li-ion batteries, which are generally considered safer and contains little or no hazardous materials. But there were still problems with the current Li-ion battery market at the time because many of the Portable Power Stations use low grade Li-ion battery cells, causing concern for the safety. This is because most premium battery cell companies do not allocate the cell supplies for the generator market due to continuously tightening supply capacity in the overall Li-ion battery market. This is where Himcen Battery comes in.

History of Li-ion rechargeable batteries has been introduced since the 1990s, first by Sony. Currently, 5 billion Li-ion battery cells are produced only for IT segment and EV, ESS segments are exponential growing surpassing IT sector each other. The key Li-ion battery suppliers are Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Panasonic, ATL, Sony, Lishen and these top six manufacturers control 85% of total Li-ion battery cell market. These battery cells holds 4 times the energy that acid batteries does. Today, Li-ion batteries are every where in the every day devices that we use, cameras, cellphones, laptops, so the safety measure it needs is critical. The current portable power stations market are filled with second graded Li-ion battery products. Most of these battery cells doesn't hold the same high safety standard as the main brand equivalent. This was their only way to compete in the market by using lower grade materials so they could sell it for a cheaper price. Overheating problems are a rare occurrence among Li-ion batteries but happens more often in lower grade ones. Explosions happens often with a no-name battery pack. To prevent the Li-ion market to be filled with unsafe battery packs, most premium cell manufacturers only sell Li-ion cells to approved battery pack assemblers. The only drawback to these preventions is a higher price for the battery.

The first principle in our company's foundation is Safety. We ventured out into this market to produce a safer product for consumers to use. With the relationships of many different battery cell manufacturers over the past 10 years from Apple, CK was able to get 2 of the top 4 battery cell manufacturers in the world to produce our portable power stations. We pride in our product that we use the best li-ion battery cell out there on the market. We have partnered up with LG Chem and ATL to manufacture our battery cells so that we can deliver on our promise of a safer product to you. LG Chem is the 2nd largest Li-ion battery cell manufacturer in the world and based in Korea. ATL is the fourth largest overall Li-ion battery cell manufacturer in the world; largest supplier for Li-ion polymer cells. Currently, we are the first and only company in the power station market to have direct cell sourcing capabilities from LG Chem and ATL. This means that you can trust in our product, knowing we have the best of the best in our corner and will be getting the maximum energy out of your new Power Stations.

We have Intelligent Protection in our portable power station products. There are 8 different protections built into our EV models as well to make sure that they are the safest on the market for use. They are: Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Overload Protection, Overcharge Protection, Overpressure protection, Over-Current Protection, Anti Protection, and Put Protection. Learn more about these features on our product page.


What's Power With Limits?

Himcen is proud to present our two base models, Himcen 200 & Himcen 450. We'll highlight some of the capabilities of our power station here but you can learn more in depth on our product page.

After making sure that our product had all the safety measures we could think of, our next goal was to maximize the potential of our power stations to be the most efficient as possible. We designed a 120W pure sine wave inverter into the Himcen 200 with a 240W peak power while the Himcen 450 has 300W with 600W peak power. This was a very important decision as it would allow for low distortion and cleaner power. Having a pure sine wave inverter allows for electronics like microwaves and motors to run faster, quieter and cooler. They help reduce audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, almost anything you use in a home or office space. A pure sine wave inverter isn't necessary for power output, but we wanted to build the best product, not just a product.

The next point we wanted to target was portability vs capacity. Our Himcen 200 produces 190Wh (51,200 mAh) at 3.2lbs while our Himcen 450 packed 444Wh at 7.9lbs. You're probably still thinking, "8lbs? That's still pretty heavy, isn't it?" The leading power station on the market currently produces a 400Wh at 16lbs. We have managed to produce more capacity and half of the weight, not to mention our cost are much lower than our competitors. As we are also a team of creatives and adventure seekers, we wanted something as portable as possible to carry with us on our explorations. We were able to pack more capacity into our models at lower weight because of our battery cells and construction materials. Comparing our cell density to others on the market currently, they are producing 2.5A per cell while we are able to bring that number up to 3.2A, meaning less cells weighing us down but still able to have more capacity in our Himcen 200 product. Our Himcen 450 uses Li-ion polymer batteries because of size flexibility. No other power station products on the market currently uses polymers. This was also a strategic move on our behalf to partner up with the two top Li-ion battery manufacturers so that we could achieve this. We are the definition of real portable power stations.

Another strategic move in our efficient plan might be an invisible part to you, but it's what allows us to produce these portable power stations at a much lower cost to you. In our Himcen 200 models we have chosen to go with a cylindrical cell with one of the highest density capacity, a model MH1 from LG Chem. With this we were able to achieve such lightweight products.

The Himcen 450 model is made from lithium polymer battery cells made by ATL. This technology uses polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid electrolyte. We went with this because these type of battery provides higher specific energy than other li-ion battery types and because we are aiming to be the most portable power station on the market, weight was a critical feature in our efficient plan. There was no better choice of cells to use to achieve this result. These type of cells are mainly used in mobile devices, tablet PC, some computers, but not in the power station market. Not until now. Himcen is the first to include this into our portable power station market so that it actually is portable.

Read more in depth on how much more efficient our EV products are on our product page.


"Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer."

The last principle in our company's foundation is probably the most important one to us. It is the real reason why EnerVision was born and actually can serve a purpose for the greater good. When you think of scalability, you're probably thinking of expanding or resizing something to a specific size. And that is correct, on the surface, anyways.

Scalability to us does speak to the ability to scale our products to a different size, as well as being able to scale the amount of energy our products are capable of outputting. But a bigger central focus on the word scalability means for us is the power to change the world. With the capabilities that we currently have, we will be able to actually scale up our energy source enough to where it will power larger electronics and appliances for a longer duration of time. With this feat we will really be able to compete with large generators head on and eliminate them if possible. This will also aid in natural disaster relief, families that goes without electricity because of a storm, and powering medical devices because it's safe. The impact large generators have on human health and the environment is too great to leave alone. We mention that we had a purpose in creating this company, and to do good is our purpose.

We have already begun prototyping our next line of EV products, the Himcen 1200 model, with the capabilities to interchange battery cells to power longer on a single charge. We will be applying our unique battery cell equalizing patent to enhance the safety features of the product. They will be waterproof with wireless charging functions. Our goals are very ambitious; Our dreams are lofty, but every dream begins with a dreamer.

Our other goals for the company is being able to use our net profits (10%) and donating to areas of no electricity, off grid families, national and state parks because we love them, and to prevent hunger. We're creating an amazing product, but only because it can help us do amazing things.


Himcen 450

Himcen 200

We are Himcen Battery

We are the real portable power station that will help you explore longer on your boundless adventures. We will be there, helping to power not only your devices but your drive to keep exploring longer without fear of running out of power. We have extensive expertise when it comes to Li-ion batteries and having fun on adventures.


CEO, CK KIM @ ckkim@enervisionbattery.com

VP, TUAN VO @ tuan@enervisionbattery.com

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