shades by 43 a modern approach to an age old tradition

Shades by 43 started with one goal in mind: to tell our clients’ stories as beautifully and unconditionally as possible. Our distinctive style, lighting, and direction is what makes our films look natural and unique. To create emotionally-charged films, breathtaking imagery, and passionate story-telling, We believe in directing each event scene by scene when possible. This gives us control of certain elements such as framing, lighting, and movement, which are key ingredients that reflect and amplify the emotion in each scene.
Our journey so far..
‘Royal, charming and traditional, the perfect equation to a great start.’
Having orchestrated three hundreds of weddings, from the grandest, most lavish celebrations to the smaller, more intimate affairs, we may very well have seen it all! Yet, every day continues to bring new surprises, new inspirations and fresh ideas.

Cinematography showcase

When we say we have a modern approach towards weddings we seriously mean it. Our videos are not based on trends but content and visuals. We strongly believe in cinema and we want to present a wedding in a refreshing and unique style while still keeping the essence of emotions in place.


We are wanderers, explorers of light, driven by a strong desire to capture fleeting moments onto frames and stitching them together to create a visual symphony which is both organic and timeless. We do not follow trends and have our own unique non-linear approach of presenting stories. Our wedding films are carefully crafted to blend traditional with modern, combining stunning visuals with creative storytelling .
‘The beginning of a beautiful story.‘
The Universe Is Made Of Stories, Tell Us Yours
For bride-to-be, we hope that by sharing the details and things we love and our "back of the house" stories, we will inspire and motivate you to create a wedding that is truly yours.
Wherever we go, stories are happening all around us. As filmmakers, we have the power to capture those stories and craft them into something special.
Express your story, mission, purpose, through our cinematic world.


shades by 43

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