10 things about me😻😍 Adriana ramirez arvizu (i'm from mexico)

I like puppies because they are very tender. When they are babies they are like cotton.

I like hamburgers and pizzA, I like hamburgers because They have very rich flavor, the same with pizza -it has a very rich flavor. I like my pizza with pepperoni.i also like to eat tacos.

Yummy cheeseburger
Pepperoni pizza
Delicious tacos

I like to draw because it relaxes me a lot when I'm angry, sad, or happy; it's very difficult to draw.

I like different songs and types of music. I'm just one of those people who likes music. I like different electronic music, reggaeton, etc.

I like playing video games because it entertains me a lot when I'm bored💻📱🖥👾👾

I like to help my friends because my friends need help and do not know who to ask for help, I will always help them in good and bad.


I like going to the park because the park relaxes me a lot and more when I'm walking and listening to music.

I like to go swimming because I have a lot of fun swimming. sometimes we go swimming at the pool. I am very happy when I see the pool.

Swimming pool

I am from MexicO - the federal district🇲🇽🇲🇽😻❤️😍

I like to smile in the good and bad times


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